Polo Double Black (2006)
    by Ralph Lauren

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    The first masculine oriental from Ralph Lauren.

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    I thought I had reviewed Double Black at least two years ago but there was nothing here. I never would have noticed if the wardrobe random selection function had not bugged out and selected this for me to wear today four times in a row.
    I wish Double Black was better, but as it is this is one of my favorites in the Polo arsenal, falling just short of the original Green and the vintage version of Safari. I love coffee scents but in recent years they've become rather trite, or they will list coffee and produce nothing of the sort (do you hear me, CK Free!?). DB is certainly a coffee scent, with the oft-mentioned mango and pepper sharing the spotlight. There is really little else going on besides that. It's invitingly sweet without being bothersome, is polite enough to wear to work, and while it is linear to the point of boredom it is a pleasant, simple affair. I really like this one because it seems like an attempt to modernize L'Eau du Navigateur (one of the two best coffee scents I've worn) and because LdN is becoming so difficult to find I must give Polo props for bringing back the 'coffee pirate' genre. Now if only they'd make a Triple Black and stick some nice, dirty leather in there.
    For those looking for a coffee gourmand along the lines of Rochas Man that won't stifle a room on hotter days.

    03 April, 2014

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    Very good fragrance with a sophisticated scent .. stays on your skin.. very subtle .. good for office settings
    lacks projection and longevity. 5-8 sprays on my skin.Overall I love it.

    14 February, 2014

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    Being Black Ain't Easy

    This is a conservative fragrance. I know many reps who use this as their fragrance of choice because of that fact. It doesn't project much and is a very safe scent.

    You first get a blast of mango, which tapers down to an oriental/citrus mix. It makes me feel clean and classy based on the notes.

    I have worn this for about two years and have never gotten compliments, but then again, it is a safe fragrance that doesn't project at all.

    I get about 4-6 hours of use from this fragrance.

    Pros: Pleasant Scent, Professional
    Cons: Name is misleading, Spotty Longevity"

    08 October, 2013

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    A misnaomer, but not bad

    Double Black? That implies, at the very least, richness, intensity or something of the night. This really is a nice tropical fragrance with a bit of wood and pepper. Easy, not challenging, butcompetent. Nothing wrong with this, but nothing thrilling either. An easy to wear summer fragrance with a wee bit of depth. Good longevity on my skin.

    18 July, 2013

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    This is a great fragrance. To all of the people saying it doesn't last long, well, you're wrong. This cologne last me 10 hours. The top and middle notes on this cologne is very nice. There are 2 phases to this cologne. When you first spray it on, it smells like spicy mangoes. The second phase will last the longest and it is a very pleasant. It is a very mild smell of the first phase and will also smell like roasted coffee. All I need for this cologne is 2 on the neck and 1 on the chest.

    22 February, 2013

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    The top and mid notes are so well done and quite enjoyable! The dry-down gives me coffee and a sweet woodsy pipe-tobacco vibe. The base notes are harder for me to find because this version fades a bit prematurely and does not last as long as Polo Black on my skin which is disappointing (but hey maybe its called "double" because you need twice as much ;).... Overall, a great fragrance that can be worn year-round but if Ralph Lauren could extend the longevity a tad they would have an amazing must-buy fragrance that would be near perfection!

    05 January, 2013 (Last Edited: 22 January, 2013)

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