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Polo Double Black (2006)
by Ralph Lauren


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseRalph Lauren
PerfumerEllen Molner
PackagingBormioli Rocco
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Polo Double Black

The first masculine oriental from Ralph Lauren.

Polo Double Black fragrance notes

Reviews of Polo Double Black


Polo Double Black is stronger and more masculine than Polo my opinion the best from POLO is sweet and spicy but suitable when wear and fantastic if you are tired of laxurious scent!

Powerful at first spray.The top notes is spectacular i also love mango in makes me feel beautiful and quite long lasting on my skin.not a scent for an ordinary,suitable for a men mysterious(between 30/40 years old)in cold days.

When i wore this nice classic RL i always got compliments from both men and women! Anyway if you lover of different,spicy scents you can enjoy this cologne.

Bravo RL.

15th May, 2015
Was given a sample with a recent purchase, so I gave it a try.

Double Black is a nice scent, but is too strong and sweet for my liking. The mango is powerful sweet and the juniper berry and spices in the drydown last a long, long time. I agree with other reviewers in that I detect zero coffee in this. While I like both of the fruit notes, this one just isn't right for me. DB would be perfect for a 20 something male, who wanted to go clubing and meet 20 something females.

DB's a nice fragrance that isn't in your face offensive, so neutral.
16th March, 2015
I once had a girlfriend stand with her face buried in my chest for like 60 seconds. We had only been dating a few weeks and I was confused by this. After a while I asked her if everything was okay, thinking that maybe she was crying, and she said she was just smelling me. She stuck her face back into my coat.

She was smelling this cologne. I cannot recall where we were in the daily lifespan of this cologne, but I'm sure it was somewhere in the dry-down. Just as everyone else states, this starts w mango and pepper and coffee, and then loses some of the mango about 45 minutes in. I do enjoy wearing this -- maybe because I love coffee? -- but the sillage and longetivity are not the best. Also, it isn't the most complex scent out there. It seems best suited to evening wear.

Lately I've been adding a spritz of Polo Green underneath this to add a little something extra. It adds the green woods smell to the front of the Double Black mango-pepper scent, and then on the back end it adds some much needed leather and some patchouli to the Double Black's coffee and remaining mango. It really produces something more well rounded and complex in my humble opinion.
28th December, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

The excessively sweet and unpleasantly chemical fruit note that launches Polo Double Black is more tenacious than I’d like, persisting as a core component of the scent’s spiced and sugared heart. A cluster of gourmand cues and a patchouli base note align Double Black somewhat with Angel, but Double Black is both watered down and freshened up by comparison. The artificial fruit, nutmeg, and bland woods feel cheap and generic – more appropriate in depth and quality to a shampoo than to a personal fragrance. For all the crassness of its composition, Polo Double Black collapses quickly into a nondescript sweet woody skin scent. I can only presume that its enormous popularity stems from its sweetness (yummy for teenage girls, the cynics will say,) and its bland affability. Meh.
23rd June, 2014
I thought I had reviewed Double Black at least two years ago but there was nothing here. I never would have noticed if the wardrobe random selection function had not bugged out and selected this for me to wear today four times in a row.
I wish Double Black was better, but as it is this is one of my favorites in the Polo arsenal, falling just short of the original Green and the vintage version of Safari. I love coffee scents but in recent years they've become rather trite, or they will list coffee and produce nothing of the sort (do you hear me, CK Free!?). DB is certainly a coffee scent, with the oft-mentioned mango and pepper sharing the spotlight. There is really little else going on besides that. It's invitingly sweet without being bothersome, is polite enough to wear to work, and while it is linear to the point of boredom it is a pleasant, simple affair. I really like this one because it seems like an attempt to modernize L'Eau du Navigateur (one of the two best coffee scents I've worn) and because LdN is becoming so difficult to find I must give Polo props for bringing back the 'coffee pirate' genre. Now if only they'd make a Triple Black and stick some nice, dirty leather in there.
For those looking for a coffee gourmand along the lines of Rochas Man that won't stifle a room on hotter days.
03rd April, 2014
Very good fragrance with a sophisticated scent .. stays on your skin.. very subtle .. good for office settings
lacks projection and longevity. 5-8 sprays on my skin.Overall I love it.
14th February, 2014

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