Ange ou Démon (2006)
    by Givenchy

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    The face of the launch campaign is Marie de Villepin, the daughter of French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin.

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    Elegant bubblegum, maybe a little rum and Dr. Pepper? Something sweet but also something masculine and exquisite while still being very feminine. Hey, I get the name now.

    Pros: Versitile
    Cons: None"

    14 July, 2013

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    miss mills
    New Zealand New Zealand

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    There seem to be really divided opinions on this one! I am a lover of it, for my 2c worth...I don't like Angel at all, find it nauseatingly sweet, so am surprised to like this one as it definitely is in a similar camp as TM's Angel. But the herbaceous notes save this from death by sugar. And I love vanilla, so that was always gonna be fine here - I do get a juxtaposition of moods from this frag, a push/pull effect, the angel/demon thing is at work but IMHO could use a little more of the devil ;-) It's perhaps just a 'fraction' too sweet...but it settles well on my skin's chemistry; good for winter nights on the town...

    22 June, 2012

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    I have a mini bottle of this which came in a job lot I bought to get some other perfume (I forget which it was by now). I put it aside thinking "Oh, I'll give it a try sometime" and sort of forgot all about it. I came across it a few days ago and tried it out and Oh My Word, its amazing!! Spicy, floral and so long lasting! Its definitely angelic rather than demonic, but its one of those cute sexy gothic angels you see in animations. Mysterious and delicious, and quite possibly addictive!!

    22 March, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    This fragrance introduces herself with a deep open-mouth kiss filled with ylang ylang. Blew me away. I thought "wow, this is seduction". Then came the nice spicy thyme and mandarin notes and I feel in love. But, as the scent progressed I started to feel empty longing for the spice and ylang ylang to come back. What I am left with reminds me of the final unravelling of hypnotic poison mixed with a fruity sweetness. At this point the fragrance truly lives up to its name: Ange ou Demon (Angel or Devil). I picture a sex siren and she is daring and hypnotizing to men (the hypnotic poison element in the wood and vanilla ending), but drawing her victim in with an innocence that he cannot resist (the sweetness I can only describe as ordinary concord grape).
    For me, the tryst is over. I want the sexy citrus spice and ylang ylang back, but for others the allure is just beginning...

    04 March, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    I'm surprised by Ange Ou Demon. Prior to testing this fragrance I had assumed it was similiar or along the lines of Armani Code for women and Thierry Mugler's Angel, however I find it much softer and in some ways more mysterious.

    Ange Ou Demon isn't as gothic and dark as the bottle seems to suggest. There's this undeniable softness and fragility which adds to this fragrance's allure.

    The scent is light and 'fluffy', almost airy with subtle hints of spicyness, like pepper or thyme. There is also a distinctive powdery-like quality to Ange Ou Demon which is reminiscent of some classic aldehydic fragrances.

    I enjoy Ange Ou Demon's spicy yet powdery scent, because like D&G for Women, this is a powdery fragrance that isn't sharp or soapy, instead it's inviting and sensual.

    When applied with a light hand, (as one should always do), the sillage is just strong enough to capture the people that dare to come close. I particularly like this aspect because it certainly adds to this perfume's mysterious appeal.

    Apart from the dominant notes of spices, florals and vanilla, I also sense a cinnamon note, which reminds me of Intimately Beckham Night, which is in some ways very similar to Ange Ou Demon.

    I'd say the lasting strength of this scent is good, however I fear this fragrance will be reformulated soon due to the oakmoss component. I highly suggest you try this scent while it is still in its original formulation.

    04 June, 2011

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    Italy Italy

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    I feel pure adoration for this fragrance that reminds at me (in reminiscence of refrigerated post-sovietic spent vacations) the balsamic aroma of a beautiful blond russian girl that used to spray day by day Ange ou Demon in order to face with strength the frosty San Petersburg's morning. Each time i smell this fragrance i remind that blond creature (ciao my lovely Inga) and perceive the smell of the cold russian morning with its golden domes. This one fits wonderfully to the frost outside and is electric and unbelievably sophisticated in the chill. This fragrance is perfect for clubbing in the cold and for roaming around glamour places at night. Its icy-mentholated and at once powdery-warm essence is the epitome of an endless dualism which features the whiffs. The extreme sophistication is brought by the exotic floral heart made by ylang-ylang, lily and a tropical orchid. The icy-mentholated and aromatic synthetic effect, that joining itself with the floral heart is responsible of the modernism of the fragrance, is determined by the absolute of oakmoss aroma blended with white, airy, bit acid cumin, citrus, in my opinion aldehydes and saffron. The last one is a basic element with its spicy prickliness. Passing time the aromatic spiciness is embraced by creamy and powdery elements as vanilla and creamy rosewood that determine that typical milky-soapy effect that is a perfect shelter for the insertion of mild-bitter tonka. The last one, side by side with saffron, is responsible of the barely perceivable bitterness of the after smell. The synthetic essence of this fragrance doesn't compromise its quality. Love.

    13 May, 2011 (Last Edited: 23 May, 2011)

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