Nina (new) (2006)
    by Nina Ricci

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    Australia Australia

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    Cheerful, flirty and fun. I fell in love with the bottle years ago but found it too expensive on a high school student's budget, so never got around to it. A few weeks ago I rediscovered it on sale and sprayed it on my wrist... instant love. Lovely and fresh and fruity at first with lemon and lime, then settles to a sweet caramel-toffee style apple which remains on me for quite a few hours. Has surprising sillage and longevity for an EDT. Great fun and wonderful for cool autumn days but also on slightly warm spring days.

    Though some people have commented this is for teenagers, I disagree. Every person wears it differently - on my little sister who's 14, this smells overly sickly sweet and unsophisticated. On me, I get more of the warmth of the caramel and brightness of the citrus that smells fresh but comforting, and my sister thought we were honestly wearing different perfumes. I guess it's just a matter of testing it on your own skin before deciding to buy it or dismiss it.

    07 November, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Wouldn't necessarily buy a whole bottle of this, but I do like apple. I don't get much citrus in this except for general lightness, just apple, apple & musk, then apple & flowers with a hint of wood.

    04 October, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I'd loved this scent for some time but never got around to purchasing it and only had a sample.

    Just before my anniversary, my husband told me to choose a perfume of my choice so I eventually got my 'Nina'.

    It is a sweet perfume but not a gourmand IMO. Even though its an EDT it lasts alld day on me.

    A very nice scent that I would wear daily and I love the bottle.

    01st June, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    Nina is in one word; sweet. So sweet that had it been candy, it would have given me a tooth-ache.

    Generally I love sugary sweet fragrances, but in this case I couldn't help feeling like a giggly, fourteen year old teenage girl when I wore this scent, which was not how I wanted to feel.

    This fragrance reminds me of toffee apples, fairy floss and candy shops. Only this fragrance and Showtime by Kylie Minogue makes me feel this way.

    Nina opens with a sweet but tarty lemon note, almost like lemon-flavoured candies rather than the sour, citrusy burst most of us are used to. For once peony isn't the dominant note letting the apple and praline practically star in their own show.

    I'm not sure where the sweetness in the drydown comes from because all I can smell is sugar, sugar and more sugar. Not a hint of musk, apple tree or cedar.

    Upon further sniffing I can detect a slight vanilla note hidden in the base notes which does give this scent a softer and more feminine finish.

    Overall, sweet scents, (which did appeal to me a few years ago), are not likely to excite me anymore as I begin to look more towards becoming a woman and finding fragrances to suit a young woman rather than a girl. In my personal opinion, Nina is a teenage fragrance, I just can't picture a woman actually pulling this one off.

    04 June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    The first time I tried it...I hated it. Gave it a second chance tonight and the first thing to assault my nose was a sweet/sour citrus, mostly sour, but as it quickly mellowed out the vanilla came through, gently, and something else...floral and maybe tobacco. Right now it's a lovely blend of vanilla, floral, very slight citrus, and tobacco (?) and smells wonderful. I'm wishing it would last longer on my skin, but it didn't the first time. I wouldn't call it sophisticated...more warmly sweet but not too sweet. Enchanting. :)

    03 June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    A gourmand fruity floral that smells good? What is this nonsense? Nina Ricci Nina 2006 I guess. It's mainly this lovely apple blossom and burnt caramel scent accented by light candied citruses and a super-clean musk. Turns out, I smell this everywhere. It's not too sweet or cloying or musky - it seems to agree with everyone - and yet it has a definitive character as a fragrance, a feat in itself in this bloated fragrance category. It's optimistic and sweet and without being stupid.

    Not something I would wear, but it is something I would recommend. Perfect for teenage girls and anyone trying to feel like one.

    30th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 08 June, 2011)

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