Connect for Men (2006)
    by Jivago

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    A sexy, edgy scent from 2006 that is really only for individuals with the cahunas to pull it off.
    Disturbingly, I notice one or two of my fellow internet reviewers mentioning the animalic tones and sweaty aspects in the negative. This is something I simply cannot go along with as a lover of skanky juice. Furthermore, I don't think that it is an overstatement to say that for me this is a 21st century Kouros.
    Frankly, I'm shocked that this is not talked about more amongst fumeheads, even the bottle exudes a certain charm.

    Just a top drawer, highly wearable, inexpensive designer scent with above average longevity.
    I'm getting musk.
    I'm getting civet.
    I'm getting grapefruit,
    I'm getting sandalwood.
    Its all you get and its all you need, and without question a welcome addition into my collection.

    n.b. Anyone into hipsterism please stay away, its not for you!

    04 December, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Awesome 80s styled powerhouse that smells dirty, like Drakkar Noir blended with sweat and rotting fruit. Imagine if you added a little Kouros, Moustache and Zizanie to Drakkar Noir, and you get this.

    Though Jivago is an American company, I can't imagine a lot of Americans wanting to wear something this daring, retro and strong. The raunchiness reminds me of the smell of overly ripe fruit or "stinky" cheeses like Limberger or Camembert. This could be a big hit in Europe, where guys have more guts when it comes to wearing fragrances.

    This was a great blind purchase for me, A+.

    MY RATING: 8.5/10

    24 September, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Good points in Tony T's and Andrew's reviews. Not really headache-inducing, but more suited to the older set. It smells good, but kind of dated. My one wish is that it were stronger -- it is almost in powerhouse territory, but lacks that definitive push over the edge. Still, it is available on the cheap and smells good enough. There's plenty better, but this isn't bad at all.

    08 December, 2010

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    Tony T
    United States United States

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    untolerable 80's masculine in the likes of trussardi uomo.. big civet and mossy woods. perfect for big brawly over 40 guys but that's it. a headache inducer!

    07 October, 2009

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    Just got this in the mail...smells exactly like Drakkar Noir except this takes you almost imeediately to the Drakkar dry down plus some civet-like scent. i have always enjoyed Drakkar Noir until it got waaay too popular (kinda like Aqua di Gio now). I see DN is making a small resurgence, can't get it cheap anymore. Plus, there are quite a few copies out thereright now, including Beckham Instinct and Phat Farm Atman. Connect is the closest to the real thing, and I think DN's dry down is its genius and graw...Connect gives you all that and then some instanteneously.

    06 May, 2008

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