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Fire Island (2006)
by Bond No. 9


Fire Island information

Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseBond No. 9
PerfumerMichel Almairac
Parent CompanyLaurice & Co

About Fire Island

The 26th scent from Bond is inspired by Fire Island and is designed to conjure up the scent of 'Premium Euro-Sunscreen'.

Bond No. 9's press release tells us:

"Fire Island is an experiential scent - the beach equivalent of Proust's madeleine dunked in tea. In this case, the memories conjured up are the sights, the touch, the smell of soaking up the sun the old-fashioned way - lying naked, or close to it, on the beach. We know, we know: Those UV rays aren't safe. So we thought, why not approximate the smell of skin in the sun, and recapture the bronzing sensation within the safety of a scent? To make Fire Island authentic, we took a risk and summoned forth the distinctive spicy-sweet aroma of the most sought-after of vintage Euro-bronzing oils - whose iconic smell has wafted all across the Mediterranean, summer after summer, for decades, defining the body on display, with its daydream hints of sex on the beach. Even when savored at a respectable distance, Fire Island is a reminder of skin sniffed up close.

This scent's barrier-island namesake, 90 minutes from Manhattan by train and ferry, is the hideaway where New Yorkers come in droves to let their hair down and uncover their skin. Fire Island may be made of sand dunes, but it's got distinctive New York-esque neighborhoods (Kismet ... Saltaire ... Atlantique), a heavy-duty night-life, shopping (natch), and a history, in the 1920s, as a Bohemian retreat. In other words, it's home not too far away from home. So it's a legitimate part of our scent repertory.


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Reviews of Fire Island

Although I've never actually been to Fire Island (I wish!); when I smell this I am immediately reminded of Euro sunscreens such as Ambre Solei: the association is undeniable.

Growing up in Australia, we were always exposed to every type of sunscreen protection there was to offer, and Fire Island smells almost exactly like an expensive European sunscreen. There's nothing tropical here; no coconut or Tiare Flower, just the sense of a really lovely sunscreen.

For me, this almost has too much tuberose, but thankfully, once it dries down, I'm left with very realistic representation of sun kissed skin and body lotion.

Despite the above this is a wonderful fragrance, and for me, quite a departure from Bond No 9's usual fruity, patchouli/amber/oud scents. This reminds me more of what L'Artisan Parfumeur used to be about; quirky fragrances that absolutely reminded you of a particular place or thing.

I really love this because of the association with my youth and growing up in Sydney. Its very tenacious though and lasts for ages; so if you want to be transported back to the beach, be prepared to stay for a while. 2 thumbs up and 5 stars!
21st April, 2018
The beach years of my youth transpired in the 80's on Southern California beaches. Therefore, the memories Fire Island revives are completely lost on me. The sweet coconut of Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil is what takes me back to that time. Zero SPF, its only job was to fry your skin a crispy brown (I have the battle scars to prove it).

Unburdened by any past association, Fire Island is to me synthetic, clean, and completely inoffensive. Not bad, not good. Balanced. Boring. But I like it.
30th August, 2016
My aunt used to own a tanning salon and I would love the aroma of the tanning lotions, but Fire Island was not that. It just feels like a plastic synthetic fragrance that didn't really smell like anything. It's kinda different, but not really innovative. Save your money.

03rd February, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Yes, from the beginning this is suntan-lotion-laden summer beach atmosphere. At some stages the neroli gives some freshness, and in the base a tuberose hint with light white musk is present, but overall there is not much major development in my skin. The whole idea and concept of reflecting the pre-melanoma-scare beach atmosphere is truly original and a great idea. Silage and projection are adequate, but the longevity is a brilliant sunstroke-inducing ten hours. One of the most original Bonds and one of the most original concept fragrances of the mid-2000s I know.
23rd July, 2014
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Almost a thumbs down...this is powerful juice...and a little odd. Presents a crisp darkly concentrated rose and spice accord that trumpets loudly...too loudly. Then, there is a vague incense note that is sweet, more naga champa than patchouli unfortunately. Throughout wear, there is a grease smell like rendered animal fat...LARD. This quality is pervasive throughout, but really comes forward after about 3 hours when the sweeter notes fade. I have a feeling none of this is a mistake. I guess if the concept is to evoke a sense of European sun lotion, then perhaps this hits the mark. I'm ambivalent at best and certainly wouldn't pay the premium price for this.
15th July, 2014
Fire Island by Bond no 9 has an implicit goal: to emulate a memory of euro-sun tan lotion. It succeeds. It’s funny that this scent memory can be generalized. Fire Island doesn’t smell like any particular brand of sun tan lotion, but on smelling it, I instantly recognized the qualities that make up the lotion notion.

For those too young to remember the days of fostering skin cancer skin cancer by laying in the sun and baking, Fire Island is a creamy, musky sweet floral of no particular consequence. But for us old folks, Fire Island is the second-hand smoke of the perfume industry. Aaahhhh, the good-old, bad-old days.

An interesting scent, full of allusions and triggers from a smart perfumer, Michael

18th June, 2014

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