With Love... Hilary Duff (2006)
    by Hilary Duff

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    Canada Canada

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    This is really so very sweet, syrupy sweetness. If you love fruity, sticky and over ripe, this is for you. It almost reminds me of sweet pear or apple cider, there's a fermented fizzy thing going on. It is also woody and a bit spicy for sure. I do think it's not bad, for a celeb scent. It's very simple though, no complexity and with cloying mango juice sweetness.

    13 March, 2014 (Last Edited: 16 March, 2014)

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    Australia Australia

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    I was not expecting to love this when someone recommended it to me as an autumn perfume, especially reading that it had spices and cocobolo in it. Boy was I wrong. This reminds me of being in a Middle Eastern style food market or bazaar, the mango keeps it slightly fruity so it's not overpoweringly woody, and the spices make it nice and warm at the same time. Dries down to a lovely soft woody smell that is still incredibly feminine and soft. Truly wonderful, especially for a cheap and cheerful bargain buy!

    07 November, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Tried this the other day.

    Nothing special at all.

    Smells like Pi by Givenchy but with a slight hint of tropical fruit (the mango?).

    Anyway longevity, silage and projection are all poor. This is a skin scent.

    Not worth owning IMO but it isn't horrid

    13 August, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    This is a little too spicy for my liking. It's not a horrible smell, the drydown was quite a likable deep amber, but there was something about With Love that just didn't seem right. Perhaps it's the strength of the overall fragrance, which is rather overpowering when first applied that ruins this fragrance for me. I could imagine myself liking this if it was a lighter EDT version.

    26 April, 2011

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    lady love
    Argentina Argentina

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    When i try With love i think that my brother could wear this fragance. it's so complex,deep and sweet, the cocobolo and the spices make it strong and put a lot of personality to the fragance. Hilary Duff take a lot of risks in make this oriental spice, but i have to admit it is pleasantly different and enchanting if we compared 'with love' to the other always-the-same-fruity/floral fragance from pop singers.

    The bottle is sooo classy and chic and that luxurious component is also caught in the scent..

    28 January, 2011

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    When i first tried this i thought sheesh
    it's another run of the mill celeb fragrance but never say never it has great
    Silage very long lasting smells expensive
    for a fraction of the price.

    It opens with sweet mango then in a minute
    spices i detect Chai adds to the quasi exotic atmosphere of this scent the mystery of the scent of Cocobolo the first material ever used in a perfume
    always keep me guessing what does it
    smell like? it conjours like a ancient
    Aztec market selling spices dyed in brightly colored dyes with it's intoxicating smell drifting though like
    an offering to the Goddess of fertility,

    The drydown returns to the scent of mango due to the note of Mango blossoms
    sweetening with amber musk is elusive
    that's because of the domineering notes
    of Mango and Spices it hides in diluted forms.

    With Love is no Ordinary teen celeb
    kind of fragrance with it's transitional
    sophistication of a mature perfume and
    yet with the marketing though young
    teenage girls this scent Yells

    "I'm not a Girl and I'm not yet a woman

    03 December, 2010 (Last Edited: 30th March, 2011)

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