Jake (2005)
    by Hollister

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    Hollister's best! Starts citrusy (I think lime) and goes to woody. There is a faint, and interesting, root beer-like smell after it has dried. Smells similar (much more relaxed) to Bora-Bora. It's a compliment magnet for the few hours that it lasts (you'll need to reapply). I have received compliments on this by people who have never complimented me, and even spurred a discussion between a group of girls, on guys who wear cologne!
    A great addition to any teenager's (or someone in their early twenties for that matter) collection!

    02 February, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Not bad

    Woodsy but not predominantly-so like most sandlewood fragrances so that might be a weak link here. Musk and a hint of sweetness. Pretty simple. I actually find it to be an enjoyable scent and i'm in my mid 20's - the holister label may be adding some negative bias here.

    The real issue is longevity, if this fragrance actually projected at least more than a few inches away from your body and lasted at least a part-time job shift then I would give it a thumbs up. While not expensive it's just not cheap enough to consider over the few bang for your buck gems that can be had on the market.

    Norwegian Wood by Kanon

    28 June, 2011

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    I wouldn't go as far as to say bugspray, but Jake is really just a synthetic fresh n' clean Abercrombie scent (Hollister is owned by Abercrombie). A bit of fruitiness and warmth on top and it lasts not very long on me. The best Hollister fragrance, in my opinion. Doesn't last very long, though. Good for the kiddies!

    01st January, 2011

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    Parallel Bisector
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    Way too popular of a scent, you wont get noticed by any girls with this. Only a high-school/middle-school frag. Nothing special, very soapy and bland.

    01st December, 2010

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    Not bad for a highschool student. I don't think you can pull it off much past that. It's ok. Nothing new to hit the market.

    12 March, 2010

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    wow. i am very surprised by the low ratings this is getting on basenotes. yes, I am picking up the bug repellent note after other basenotes members pinpointing it, but I have never thought of that before.

    HCO Jake is a soft, well rounded fragrance. I used to always wear this one after showering-- when I would be lounging around the house before bed. it is a very nice relaxing scent and the girls 17-22 I know all love it. so for the teenager crowd, its lovely. I believe the bugspray note is supposed to support the hollister outdoors surfer scent/look. with that being said, its probably not the best office scent, nor the best evening/date scent, but it is the one i go to when i plan to stay in and Relax the rest of the day.

    28 July, 2009

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