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Prada Tendre (2006)
by Prada


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Prada Tendre

Prada Tendre is a feminine perfume by Prada. The scent was launched in 2006

Reviews of Prada Tendre

Received as a Christmas gift from a business supplier. I was struck by a resemblance to Coco M also. That blessed stalker of a fragrance follows me everywhere.
Tendre is a Fantasy Island perfume. A try hard. Oh, that's harsh. It is unsophisticated but nicely crafted. If this was your first love I would suggest that you have an inner light and passion that is yet to be tapped. Next level up best appreciated as an office perfume. Next level-outgrown and welcome to basenotes
19th May, 2012
Don't be fooled into thinking that Prada Tendre is just a lighter version of the original. They are completely different compositions.

While Prada is rather heavy and oriental, Prada Tendre is mostly soft woods and lively citrus resting on an element of fragile femininity.

I like that this fragrance is smooth and easy to wear. It is unique without being too strange and 'in-your-face'. Gentle is a word that comes to mind when describing Prada Tendre.

Prada Tendre starts off quite green and fresh, with the citrus signalling that Summertime is around the corner. Soft and sweet jasmine rounds the scent out nicely in the heart, where the vetiver and tea notes add variety and prevent this fragrance from smelling too predictable and common.

The amber, which makes the original so popular, has obviously not been disregarded in this fragrance, however although it is still a dominant note in the drydown, it is not as strong. The patchouli however does give Prada Tendre that earthy feel that the original Prada succeeded in so well.

I can't say that this is the best fragrance in regards to lasting strength, but honestly I'm not too fussed so I see no point in going on about it.

Overall, Prada Tendre is a pleasantly sweet and feminine fragrance, which for some will be a Spring/Summer alternative when the original Prada proves too heavy for the warmer months.
05th June, 2011
I own this perfume, and I can´t really make up my mind if I love it or not. Sometimes it is all I want from a perfume, and sometimes I don't like it att all. Perhaps it is only working during some weather-surcomstanses I haven´t figured out yet. It gets a thumbs up, because of its beauty during the days when I like it the most!
30th October, 2010
Although I like the scent it is very much like coco mademoiselle albeit a much softer, weaker almost version, definately not worth spending money on.
18th September, 2010

I’ve smelled this one before I’ve smelled it. It does come off as familiar and somewhat unoriginal. I’m not sure that it reminds me of Coco M., but that could be.

It is a beautifully refined fragrance. It opens with a citrus accord that seems less fruity / more elegant than citrus usually is except in Chanels. It is Chanel-like with its almost perfect blending (“Almost” because I detect a slight violet note in the background.) The tea, vetiver, jasmine and cardamom of the heart notes, also carry a Chanel-like signature – a smooth texture of florals and natural light green with a bit of warmth provided by the spice. Elegant. For the base I’m not at all sure of what I’m sniffing. It, too, is smoothly textured and blended, and about the only note I can determine is the cedar… I think… but it could be the labdanum.

Tendre is true to its name: a soft fragrance that stays quiet, refined, and remarkably smooth. It would be excellent when both style and discreetness are in demand, but I’m not sure that it delivers enough unique character to be more than a classy office scent.

28th November, 2009
So light it's not really there. I love the list of notes and hoped this would be a real corker, but it's as if the perfumer has taken too much inspiration from Jean-Claude Ellena and diluted everything down to homeopathic levels.

Very polite, perfectly nice. Utterly wearable for any polite occasion: office, church etc.

Thinking about it, this might very well be a good choice for younger women as an alternative to the sugary/fruity things they seem to get served up nowadays as 'what all the cool kids are wearing'. I think an ideal 'starter' scent, especially for girls who are not keen on flowers, fruit or sweeties and want to smell good but not overpowering or citrusfresh. Buy this for your daughter and start her on the path.
26th June, 2009

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