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Rainforest (2001)
by Ayala Moriel


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Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseAyala Moriel
PerfumerAyala Moriel

About Rainforest

Rainforest is a masculine fragrance by Ayala Moriel. The scent was launched in 2001 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Ayala Moriel

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Reviews of Rainforest

Genre: Chypre
Rainforest opens with a mélange of green and conifer notes, quickly joined by a mysterious, earthy note that makes me think at once of mushrooms found under an old log. These notes coalesce into a central accord that vividly depicts the scent of a moist forest floor. A potent, semi-sweet hay note eventually makes its way into the foreground as the scent develops, and as a result Rainforest moves into brighter and more pastoral territory.

Rainforest has reasonable projection and moderate sillage, but it's not a very long-lasting fragrance. After an hour or two on my skin it dries down to a mossy base, still heavily infused with hay. I don't object as it's good enough to re-apply as needed.
01st July, 2014
Lovely green original and very accurate description of the smell of a rainforest...fresh, clean, delicate and very uplifting if worn first thing in the morning on a rainy day...

Unfortunately it does not last very long on my skin; however it does deserve big thumbs up...!!!
04th November, 2010
This is a very sexy fragrance on a man who prefers the more traditional colognes but is looking to try something new. Reading these notes and going by the name alone, one would expect something cool and refreshing. The opening notes with take you by surprise, and odysseusm gives a good account of this reaction. Yes, the opening is green, but there is a good dose of bergamot and ginger. You smell hay immediately with these top notes, and it is a bold, warm scent rather like a steamy cup of earl grey tea, but in a pine forest. The green coniferous notes are vital and powerful with the bergamot and citrus opening. Violet leaf lends a sparkling note to the heart, which is romantic florals but always true to the overall evergreen theme. This scent is original, tasteful and adventurous, a rather sporty chypre. The drydown is pleasant and calm.
08th October, 2010
Rainforest is a bold scent! I don't find it to be light or gender-neutral. It is green, dark and brooding, powerful -- and quite masculine.

Rainforest starts with a very sharp, almost rubbery opening. This has galbanum which gives a spicy-green, resinous tone. Spruce and juniper work behind the galbanum to lighten and brighten its dark tone, but these lovely elements are under-utilized. The florals are very background, perhaps I can detect the silvery tone of violet leaf which works well with the other elements. Phase two is hay and moss, sweet and grassy.

This is a straight-forward powerful green scent. Even the juice is dark green. It has a strong hay/coumarin/pipe tobacco note throughout -- and here is my caveat. I find that the tobacco note dominates. Some love this note, but I find the scent a bit unbalanced this this regard. I wish for more conifer and less tobacco. Arguably not a summer scent, a bit heavy for the heat.

Further note -- as the scent ages, it loses any conifers it had and settles into the hay note even more. Unless you can use this up in a year, be prepared for this shift.

(substantially revised review)
26th November, 2007 (last edited: 19th May, 2015)
Light, green, refreshingly under-sweet, like rain in the springtime. I love green fragrances, especially those that do not involve citrus, and this fits the description. However, greens perform better on me with a heavier, earthier base to make them last longer.
21st October, 2006
Green delicious is all I can say.
If you are a lover of gender-neutral green fresh essential oil based scents you have to try this one! Great for every day wear.
The oil based perfumes of Ayals have wonderful staying power, but the EDT's are nice if you like a soft kiss of fragrance.
18th August, 2006

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