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Jean Nate (1935)
by Revlon (originally by Jean Nate)


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Year of Launch1935
AvailabilityIn Production
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Originally byJean Nate
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc

About Jean Nate

Jean Nate is a feminine perfume by Revlon. The scent was launched in 1935

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United States
Haven't tried this for ages but loved it 40 years ago so I bought after bath splash on a whim. It's nice but it doesn't last on me. When I first splash it on it evokes me on the beach 40 years ago...that's all I need!
03rd June, 2015
This is a review of vintage Charles of the Ritz Jean Nate in cologne strength.

A unique fougere - lemony, peppery, herbal. Very refreshing and very unisex. A marvel for 1935 when it premiered. I am amazed it was marketed for women and not men. Like Dana's Canoe, which premiered the year following, it is a great fougere, and although I can certainly see a woman wearing it, I feel it is too masculine to have been geared toward that market alone.

It dries down to a powdery version of the lemon/pepper/herb scent, but that is dead center and never totally disappears.

Top notes: Lemon, Lavender
Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose, Carnation, Muguet
Base notes: Cedar, Sandalwood, Tonka, Musk
03rd April, 2014
Like a summertime long ago

With well over a thousand different scents in my arsenal, why do I keep coming back to this one?

As a collector of vintage, I was really curious to know what this 'drugstore classic' smelled like, so I purchased a tub of talcum powder plus a pair of partial bottles of Eau de Cologne Concentrate (all vintage, Charles of the Ritz era).

I'm not sure if this scent was as popular in Australia as it was in America during the 60s/70s, but upon breaking open the paper seal on the talc tub, I was gripped by an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for that era (the time of my tweens, when summers seemed endless).

When the sun is shining, and particularly when I'm going to be wearing yellow, I often reach for my Jean Nate talc and EdCC immediately after showering. In fact, it's one of very few scents I keep in the bathroom. I'm hard pressed to think of anything else in my collection which perfectly captures the retro sunniness of JN.

I think JN is unique in its scent. Others have compared it to 4711, but it doesn't remind me of a traditional cologne - it's much weightier. To my nose, it's a lemony, powdery fougere with a floral heart of geranium, rose and carnation. A true retro delight.

Pros: refreshing, comforting, sunny

25th June, 2013
Absolutely unisex, even more masculine than 4711. Simple, refreshing and best of all, a bargain any way you look at it. It will not set the world on fire, but it does what it supposed to do with efficiency.
Not my favorite "Acqua de Colonia" by any means, but it gets my thumbs up
01st March, 2012
I wore this so much in the '70s as a young social worker that I eventually burned out on it, but of course that isn't a diss of the fragrance itself; quite the opposite. It was simultaneously bright (the mixed citrus peels) and soft (the florals and what I take to be an uncredited note of nutmeg.) And for a splash, it lasted pretty well. BTW, when I would get down to the last quarter or so of a bottle of the splash, I'd top it up to about half with a 2:1 alcohol/water mix and drop in three or four crumpled bay leaves (I used the kind sold for cooking--the West Coast homegrown type are botanically different, and less sweet/floral) and let that sit for a couple weeks. Gives you a whole new, very nice splash. This might be a way to salvage a bottle of the disappointing new stuff, I dunno.
19th November, 2011
When I was a teenager Jean Nate was as much a part of our wardrobe as a pair of jeans. I have smelled the current Jean Nate and I would just as soon wear Lemon Pledge.
15th May, 2011

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