Intrigant Patchouli 08 (2005)
    by Parfumerie Generale

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    Intrigant Patchouli 08 information

    Intrigant Patchouli 08 is a unisex fragrance by Parfumerie Generale. The scent was launched in 2005 and the bottle was designed by Diolene

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    Colin Maillard's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    Intrigant Pachouli is a nice “dark” and mellow patchouli scent with a peculiar sort of “powdery dead flowers” feel all over, a vibrant romantic mood with a slight stale aftertaste – like a dusty, old pot-pourri of dry flowers. Actually there is no flowers apparently, but the feeling of a “ghost of a chypre” is quite there in my opinion, I guess due to musks and benzoin. On the base I even smell something similar to ambergris – that same salty-rooty-mineral organic note. The addition of ginger provides a nice touch of spicy sweetness, which blends perfectly with amber to “warm” up the scent. I don’t find this that “intrigant” to be honest, rather – and pleasantly – gloomy and nostalgic, with a palpable melancholic and neoclassic refinement. A sophisticated and clever harmony played around patchouli, dark yet sweet and cozy, an elegant souvenir of a powdery-earthy chypre – like smelling your old aunt’s scarf. As other reviewers already noticed, it surely has a nice “vintage” feel, yet not smelling like a plain ripoff of an older scent. Not a masterpiece, but really pleasant, clever and creative.


    12th December, 2014

    farang's avatar

    Thailand Thailand

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    I am not really a patchouli lover since it can come across as too blunt or rough. But this is my favourite patchouli fragrance. It is rather soft smelling, elegant and well blended and balanced with florals to create a sophisticated fragrance.

    Long lasting on my skin and with a good projection. Completely unisex.

    10th December, 2014

    jrmcquill's avatar

    United States United States

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    I have been marching through patchouli scents as of late, and I must say this one stands out nicely! This fragrance is rich and heady. Somewhat sweet, but a powdery-like quality tones it down. It is classy, yet ever so often I get a faint wiff of head shop that grounds it. After a loud, announcing opening, it settles in to a rich, spicy, vanilla scent that surrounds you like a velvet blanket! An easy two thumbs up, and a must purchase for certain!

    11th October, 2014

    Emoe's avatar

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Got a sample, as I normally love Ouds, patchouli amber etc,

    The first spritz is very heady, powerful and rich, but I get synthetic hardness too, which puts me off a little,
    On the dry down though, the powder note sits high, patchouli is there, albeit muted in the powder smell.

    It's nice, and wearable, sliding more to a femme frag for me, but it gets a thumbs up as a nice frag.

    14th September, 2014

    ClaireV's avatar

    Ireland Ireland

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    This is a big ole powdery, ambery patchouli with more than a pinch of civet in it. In tone and feel, it recalls the big dirty floral fragrances I used in my youth in the place of sexual confidence. Shift a few of the set pieces around here and you have Joop! Femme, which was my weapon of choice back then. And yes, I am aware that there is nothing even remotely floral here. But there is something about the mixture of musk, honey, patchouli, and civet that conjures up a phantasmagorical white flower like jasmine or tuberose, especially in the first few minutes. Sexy, lush, and yes, strong as hell.

    The powdery effect of the benzoin and musk persist well into the dry-down. The patchouli dies off completely, as does that lush (and probably non-existent) floral note. Underneath, the civet bubbles away, and overall, it smells like what I'd imagine the scalp of Marie-Antoinette smelled like underneath that massive powdered wig after a hot day swanning around in the grounds of Le Petit Trianon. Powdery, dirty, and slightly scalpy. It is intriguing, as the name suggests, but vaguely occupies, for me, the same territory as the filthy L'Air de Rien. Which is to say, too sweet, too suggestive of unwashed scalp, bad breath, and the unhealthy air of closed-up places. I'm giving it a neutral because it is a very interesting and original take on the patchouli theme.

    08th August, 2014

    Way Off Scenter's avatar

    United States United States

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    Genre: Chypre

    Intrigant Patchouli is intriguing indeed, with one of the most interesting developments I've experienced in some time. It marches in as a sweet, somewhat ambery patchouli with subtle and exotic fruit and floral notes hovering in the background. The floral notes strengthen over time, and even threaten to become overly heady, but the steady, clear patchouli and an undercurrent of very animalic musk offer an effective counterweight and keep the composition nicely balanced.

    Yes, I do find something of the head shop in this scent, particularly as it gains in sweetness over the first hour of wear. Happily, I also sense some powder and faintly astringent spice deep in the background, and these notes lend the heart accord a sense of cleanliness not always found in patchouli-based scents.

    The drydown takes a superb surprise turn from animalic patchouli toward powdery amber and vanilla to finish up soft, sweet and civilized, with just a hint of licentiousness lingering in the amber. Intrigant Patchouli has quickly risen to the top of my patchouli list.

    17th June, 2014

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