Noa Perle (2006)
    by Cacharel

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    Noa Perle was so very fruity and fresh in the beginning that I feared I would not like this fragrance. I left the perfume store concluding that Noa Perle was a Summer fragrance heavily scented with citruses.

    However, thirty minutes later, I was surprised by the soft florals that began to emerge. The fragrance was still considered to be fresh and clean, yet there was something about this scent that was winning me over.

    Hours later I realised that I was actually enjoying wearing this fragrance. Oddly enough, in the base notes there was a rubbery, balloon-like scent, which although strange was somewhat likable.

    I don't agree with the bottle design which gave me the impression that this fragrance is reminiscent of the ocean. Instead Noa Perle reminds me of Summer carnivals and fairs complete with jumping castles and fairy floss.

    The lasting power is rather excellent however the sillage is not all that strong. This scent certainly would not offend making it perfect for the office or hot Summer days.

    27 April, 2011

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    I don't feel like this should be considered a floral fruity perfume...on my skin, the hazelnut is quite prominent after an hour or so. I get a touch of tangerine in the beginning and then creamy florals. Overall, I would say it definitely has gourmand in its character.

    I find this very pleasant to wear from time to time. Something about it makes it very distinctive to my nose. It's light, slightly sweet, and before the hazelnut kicks in it reminds me of soft fragrant flowers after a spring rain. And speaking of rain, something about this makes it perfect on me when it's gloomy and rainy or cold. I love it on these days!


    28 March, 2011

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    Nice, warm, flowery, doesn't last very long on my skin. Not very exciting but a nice scent. I was given a large bottle of this and I wear it for normal daytime activities. I get compliments on this scent. However, it doesn't thrill my heart like a really good perfume should.
    I like the bead (It's so clearly plastic I cannot get myself to call it a ''pearl'') in the bottle.
    Because it's a nice inoffensive scent, and because of the compliments, I will give it a thumbs up, but I wouldn't bother to buy it for myself, I prefer something more exciting.

    21st June, 2010

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    Ms Rochambeau
    United States United States

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    If I smell one more fragrance that smells like this I'm going to scream. Fruity floral with a strong citrus note in the opening...floral musk dry down. You get the picture...pretty much the same description as every other mainstream scent they're making today. Take your pick from any perfume in your stash that you've bought within the last 5 years...chances are you already have at least one or two that smell like this, so don't waste your money by adding this one since all of the mainstream perfumes seem to be slight variations on the same formula. Thumbs down for no originality.

    02 June, 2009

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    Indonesia Indonesia

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    I got the sample when I'm purchasing Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely in Amsterdam.

    The smell is not original. It remind me of another perfume which I don't remember. But I like the warm of the smell. It's not nice and clean fragrance. It's still flowery but there's a warm and deepness in the perfume.

    If you want a flowery perfume with no innocent sweet smell in it, perhaps, this is the one. Good alternative to wear at night or rainy day.

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    11th November, 2007

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    A couple of days ago, walking in front of a department store, a girl advertising the Noa Perl gave me a paper sprayed with this fragrance. Talking with her, she told this fragrance was a more sensual version of Noa, more fruity and less flowered.

    The top notes I felt was a lemon-like short lived citric aroma (kumquat, as I checked in the olfactive pyramid printed near the same stand), with traces of red fruits. At middle notes can smelled some freesias with a soapy sensation, in the vein of Lancome Miracle but more fruity, and the same kumquat but in an orange-like style. After 24 hours, the same paper smelled a bit like Paloma Picasso's Minotaure mixed with freesias.

    Although the girl told it was a sensual fragrance, it's not a sexy fragrance but still a romantic one. Better for use at daytime and warm seasons, romantic occasions and maybe office use. For an age range of 20-35 years old.

    28 February, 2007

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