Coco Extreme (2006)
by Comptoir Sud Pacifique


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseComptoir Sud Pacifique

About Coco Extreme

Two of CSP's most popular notes are coconut and vanilla, and Coco Extreme combines the two.

Reviews of Coco Extreme

hands down, the best coconut fragrance, Ive ever owned or worn. A masterpiece. And Im usually complimented on it, anytime I wear it.
07th February, 2018
Suntan lotion with a vague metallic tang. Not a lot going on here. Coconut La Croix right out of the can.
04th June, 2016
Pure Coconut...

Coco Extrême, or "Extreme Coconut" is a fragrance (like many in the Comptoir Sud Pacifique line) which is true to it's name.

Now, coconut is the main player here. It's in the name, it's in the composition, it's loud and it's "extreme".

What I get from this is the many facets of coconut throughout this perfume. The fresh aspects, like the juice, the pulp and the flesh... and the dry aspects; the powdered coconut, the coconut butter, the cream. It's like all of these aspects rolled into one. I also get the aroma of coconut biscuits. The ones made with fresh butter and lots of sugar. This is definitely a delicious perfume, a great example of a "gourmand" scent.

Overall though, Coco Extrême can be one-dimensional. It's all about the coconut from start to finish. I think that if you like that sort of thing (i.e. you are someone who enjoys the smell of coconut and has a craving for a purely coconut smell), then look no further, as this is the one. If you are looking for something that is more than just coconut, or dislike the note in general, then perhaps it would be best to look elsewhere.

As for me, I like it! Although I wouldn't reach for it everyday. Again I would have to be "in the mood" to wear something like this, or smell like this all the time. I will say this though, it did bring a smile to my face, and if a perfume can make me happy like that, then it isn't such a bad perfume after all...
04th October, 2015
Coco Extreme is by soon a fist in your face of sparkling coco-almond milk with nuances of cream caramel, white flowers and vanilla. There is something aromatic in the "milk", some balancing herbal background I suppose. The coconutty Pina Colada dry down is slightly resinous and opoponax veined. The aroma is cozy, exotic, "breezy" and optimistic. Any evolution, a cozy smell more than a fragrance. Another nice unpretentious Comptoir Sud Pacifique's one just for the lovers of genre.
29th November, 2014
On the day that I sampled Coco Extreme, I had Vanille Extreme on my other hand. It was an interesting contest between these two "Extremes", and I have to say that Vanille was the more entertaining and wearable. Coco certainly shares that ability to slake that thirst for freshness, but it just becomes a little too much after only a couple of hours. It is by no means cloying, but I clearly possess insufficient insulin to counteract the prodigious sweetness. Better fragrance options exist elsewhere in the considerable CSP hit parade.
11th February, 2013
Funny notes. Definitely smells like milked coconut cream. Do you like Pina Coladas?
31st January, 2009

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