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Signature / Kisu (2004)
by Tann Rokka


Signature / Kisu information

Year of Launch2004
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTann Rokka
SupplierCPL Aromas

About Signature / Kisu

Signature / Kisu is a shared / unisex perfume by Tann Rokka. The scent was launched in 2004

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Reviews of Signature / Kisu

I have no doubts about, the protagonist of this supremely soapy/exotic juice is a noble high quality ylang-ylang which is soon combined with rosewood, aromatic herbs and than with some mysterious marine notes in order to develop an otherworldly cool/laundry/sultry accord that flanked to a woody presence becomes simply heaven for the lovers of the genre. This exotic olfactory combination is in a while sharp/aromatic and furthermore (in a second stage) velvety/woody and soapy with floral "complications" and ozonic breezes under my nose. The woodiness is plain but soft (never aggressive) and with floral/soapy and marine nuances. The experiment is a bit weird but absolutely pleasant. Probably the musky touch is the one able to soothe the whole composition while the exotic vibe is produced by the interaction of ylang-ylang, marine notes, cool greenness and properly musk. Really evocative about sunny caribbean experiences far in the memories.
21st December, 2012 (last edited: 25th September, 2015)
I'm very confuzzled here

If I recall, luckyscent have three tann rokkas; aki, kisu and signature.
I ordered a sample of aki, but when the sample arrived, nothing was written on the vial but Tann rokka....
The smell was... nothig like what basenoters reviewed for Aki, but sounded much more like Kisu, so I'm not 100% sure what I am reviewing here.
As for my experiance, the whole fragrance is....I mean....INTOXICATING!!!! If I might say without considering any sort of objectivity. I get something like a crimson coulored rose with a echo of unsweetned raspberry, always deep even from the right beggining. Then comes into place something my un-experienced nose associates with a chypre accord dominated with a huge beautiful musty patchouli ( I'm not so sure for the chypre thing since oakmoss is apparantly not listed among the notes, and I have never smelled isolated oakmoss extract... well well, I would need some more experience maybe ). This so-called chypre accord would be completed with cedar, gooood good cedar and musk. The only two things I'm sure about this fragrance is that is has patchouli and cedar. Humid, deep musty and oh-so-sexy patchouli. This one is very very adictive. And cedar. Rich and dry cedar. The dry down goes on FOREVER (was still very there on my shirt after washing it!). Their is something very strangely familiar when the drydown occurs; Cold salty ocean breeze meets the smell of your skin after you wash with some irish spring?? I crazy or something? I guess ambregris would be logical but it does not explain the familiarity. It's like «oh, I've smelled this before » but on people who just don't wear perfume.....hmm strange thing!
As for the whole juice, It's just great! Deep, Mysterious, Rich, Complex, Sensual and has this kind of Dirty/Clean duality that makes it just iresestible and very interesting. Three thumbs up! hehe
Now the thing is I want to get myself a bottle but simply don't know which one to order... some more research maybe?
06th August, 2008
Kisu is now called AKI by Tann Rokka. To me, it is one of the finest scents I've ever worn. It's become a favorite of mine, instantly. Others have described it just takes "warm and wonderful" to the highest of levels. It IS very expensive...but a little goes a long way and it has wonderful staying power. For a parfum lover...this is a must try...and for me a must have.
10th May, 2008
There’s a rather mysterious and exotic twist to the opening rosewood and aromatic accord – the combination of rosewood and aromatics is captivating. I’m not sure what causes the aromatics – other reviewers seem to think it is cedar, but it seems to me to be more aromatic than cedar usually delivers. It’s not woody enough for eucalyptus or aoud, so I think it is herbal – it is something like a strongly aromatic basil and thyme combined… or maybe the effect is caused by the rosewood itself. Rosewood is tricky. Whatever… I love the accord: it’s exotic and it’s highly wearable. This opening is somewhat sharp and it continues for a healthy period of time. When it finally morphs into its next and last stages, the sharpness is reduced by the florals, but the reduction isn’t enough to become mellow or soft on the skin.. The florals are significantly gobbled up by my skin and never have a chance – all they do is smooth out the sharpness of the rosewood / aromatics: The fragrance does get a little feminine at this point, but nothing that I can’t handle, especially because the middle doesn’t last long. The final stage is somewhat marine: I don’t get as strong of marine accord as others do. I get a weak salty ambiance in a neutrally textured accord – it’s an accord I enjoy it very much and it lasts beautifully. Complex and Zen at one and the same time – I love this scent.
10th May, 2008
OMG! This might be the holy grail I have been searching for. This is a very complicated woody scent which, on me, lasts the whole day long. My chemistry does not bring out the masculine notes and smells very woody but definitely feminine on me. My husband loves it. I receive tons of compliments on this fragrance everytime I wear it. I am so glad that I purchased the larger bottle.
17th December, 2007
Amazing packing for sure (and great name), but unfortunetly the scent itself doesn`t offer anything that special. Well balanced soft and gentle scent with prominent ylang-ylang note. Quite feminine, but could still easily be woren by men who are not afraid prominent floral accords.
I`d say this is well made scent. However, for me Kisu is not worth for the high price. Not even close, actually. IMO it would have needed a bit more Oopmh!, and also more (insence?) woods to give more depth to it.
Lasting power could be much, much better.
15th October, 2006

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