A*Men Summer Flash (2006)
    by Thierry Mugler

    • Launched: 2006
    • Type: Masculine
    • Availability: In Production : Limited Edition
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    Opens kind of orangey, with a full assault of patchouli and light woods underneath. It's surprisingly cooling, in spite of these normally "warm" sweet notes. As the orange fades away, some dry, dusty woods come to the fore...it morphs from fresh sweet orange juice to old sour orange juice, and ends up reminding me of New West for a while. Unfortunately the patchouli finally gets its way, and it's not the "mellow sweet woods" type, but the "sharp sour earth" type. Still, I'm impressed with how much bracing, brisk unsweetness it's able to put forth considering its namesake. Ultimately, you end up with a sharp citrus herbal somewhere between Tuscany and New West, or the old version of Dana California, which I like enough to let the patchouli armageddon slide but not enough to recommend this over any of the above brands. The base is also slightly pissy, though not as much as Kouros Fraicheur.

    24 February, 2011

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    Is this the same frag as TM's Ice*Man???

    BTW I would have posted this question in the forum if only it was possible ;)

    03 April, 2010

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    I like this fragrance, it is quite unique. It starts off with a metallic coolness (which doesn't last long) then morphs quickly into something very herbal and woody. The sillage is very good and the longevity lasts. The name is deceiving, "Summer Flash" because it wears more of an Autumn/Winter fragrance than a Summer one. One can wear this to work without being offensive [and applied lightly] or on the weekends. This could be a year-round fragrance, but as stated earlier, I feel this is more of a cooler month scent than a warmer month. I would recommend this scent if you want something unique, different, herbal and woody; it is not like other fragrances from this design house. Give it a try...

    23 October, 2008 (Last Edited: 26 October, 2008)

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    Ummm... smells a hell of a lot like half of the stuff from the late 80's and early 90's patchouli monsters just with a touch of coffee. (Carlo Corinto, Preferred Stock, Krizia Uomo, DNA, Pancaldi, French Line, Maxims...) SMells really good just not at all what you would expect with the name A*Men attached to it or the word summer (I was looking for citrus).

    05 September, 2008

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    Wow, interesting...a hesperidic patchouli scent with good longevity and sillage. Still dry like the original A*Men, but definitely without warmth, just fresh and a slight sweetness. I kept getting surprised by its distinctive scent in the air, and it definitely didn't bug out in the heat and humidity. Still wondering if it's something to consider as part of my arsenal, maybe the moment of truth will come when I try out Ice*Men.

    16 July, 2007

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    I hope Ice Men smells like this or I will be mad. This stuff is good! It is not even close to Amen. I have always wanted a cologne that smells like shaving cream and while I thought I had found it in Boucheron Limited Bleue (very good,too), TM Flash hits the mark perfectly. Too bad it's another "limited" version, like Boucheron Bleue. But maybe TM did what others say and kept everything the same and just called it Ice Men for new release.

    23 June, 2007

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