Ezra Fitch (2006)
    by Abercrombie & Fitch

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    Nothing screams "SYNTHETIC" as loudly as Ezra.
    A soapy, orangy (neroli), synthetic leather that actually may annoy you to no end.
    The "leather" note is almost pure birch without the depth and warmth of the other classical "leather" fragrances.
    And the cherry to this concoction is the price, who would want to pay the outrageous amount of currency for this dud.

    01st January, 2013

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    Exceptional fragrance!

    I own about 15 bottles of cologne and this one is easily my favorite. As others have mentioned, girls love it too. I've received more compliments on this cologne than any other one I own, and I've told to keep wearing it.
    I would definitely say that this cologne is meant for cooler weather, I especially like it on a nice winter evening or a snowy day. I've decided to make it my official Christmas eve fragrance. I wouldn't recommend it for teenagers, a little mature for them.
    As far as longevity goes, I must disagree with those who claim this has no lasting power- in my experience, this stuff lasts quite a long time on my dry, white skin.
    All in all, this gets two thumbs up from me and two more from the females.

    As far as sillage and longevity go, I must disagree with those who claim that this has no lasting power. It stays around quite nicely on my dry white skin

    28 October, 2009

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    I bought this when it was overpriced crap! Still crap, but now on sale for $30. Too much hype. Kinda old smelling, not very fresh and young, especially for the Abercrombie image.

    07 March, 2009

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    Starts off with an almost sickly smelling soap, which thankfully disappears into a nice subtle leather. I don't seem to have as many problems with sillage as some reviewers- I had one friend tell me that they were able to smell me from about 15 feet away (with a modest 2 sprays an hour beforehand). After a while though, this stuff fades, but never truely leaves the skin.

    One thing to note is that girls like this stuff; I've been told that I smell "very manly", and have been encouraged to wear it more often.

    The bottle is also nice- made to resemble a flask, it works well with the cologne.

    All said and done, this is decent stuff, especially considering the $16 price tag that it's currently at. Not the best frag, but by no means the worst- a more mature scent for the Abercrombie line. On my own I'd give it a neural, but it gets thumbs-up because of the female-compliments!

    Edit: Going back to a few of my early reviews. My bottle is gone, traded for a bottle of AdG years ago, and I'm downgrading Ezra.

    I've gained quite a bit of experience in the fragrance world since I last smelled it, and Ezra was simply a cumbersome soap monster that was unsubtle and brash. The soap was very loud, Hotel soap that the 2012 release of Woods improved upon.

    Ezra is going for $300 a bottle on eBay (though who really pays that?), but for less money you can pick up a bottle of the more recently discontinued Woods and smell the better version.

    Downgraded from from Positive to Negative, sorry old me.

    05 October, 2008 (Last Edited: 25 January, 2014)

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    Peter Henry
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    I like this one. It's actually pretty good.
    It has a clean and "modern" scent?
    Anyways, it's an alternative cologne. Cause I get tired and bored after awhile with the fruity Aqua Di Gio styled colognes.

    This one is better than Abercrombie's Fierce cause it does'nt have that "synthetic" smell to it.

    It's kinda cool and unique.

    19 June, 2008

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    Okay first off let me make myself clear, Abercrombie is notorious for poor products w/ cologne. I recieved my bottle, "brand new" and the bottles' metal top was Actually coming OFF the glass half. I had never seen something as poor put together before and actually sold. But anyway, aside from that the fragrance was fine so i'm overlooking the bottle. Now on to the Fragrance.

    The fragrance begins with a slight soapiness(Very slight) and has kind've a light airy attack. After about an hour, it seems more spicy then musky, and much much more like leather. After say two hours of drydown, it has a very solid leather scent to it, and a good one at that. Sillage is good if you have the right body chem, on me it lasts nearly 9 hours, that's to the point where people can still smell it, and I only use three sprays overall.

    I've seen countless put downs on this fragrance, but for you leather lovers this is actually good. When I first recieved it, I thought it was just too cheap/synthetic. But just give it time, and the fragrance is very nice and dries down to something that will get you noticed in a good way. Admitedly, this is not for everybody. It has a much more refine pallet, but if you want something that is good for evening wear, and winter time, this is a good one.

    04 June, 2008

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