Marc Jacobs Autumn Splash Amber (2006)
    by Marc Jacobs

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    Marc Jacobs Autumn Splash Amber information

    Marc Jacobs Autumn Splash Amber is a women's fragrance by Marc Jacobs. The scent was launched in 2006

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    Let the ginormous bottle be understoond as an omen... the scent is nothing special in any way, and it is extraordinarily weak and short lived.

    Just about any 'amber' fragrance you could find has more interest and ooomph per squirt than this. Bummer, even as a room spray.

    10th February, 2010

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    Germany Germany

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    A very warm and elegant fragrance! It opens up with an aldehydic top note, not unlike Chanel No. 5. But while No. 5 is floral, this one develops into a more semi-oriental direction - however, much more light-footed and refined than Shalimar and that stuff, you know - never becoming too sweet or obtrusive. It is so gentle, I just love this one!

    29th November, 2008

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    Coty Wild Musk and Marc Jacobs Amber Splash Comparison

    On the right arm: Coty Wild Musk Oil
    On the left arm: Marc Jacobs Amber Splash EDT

    On first application:

    They both had very similar sweet ambery vanilla top notes, with the CWM being slightly more sweet but with a penetrating chemical or "hairspray" smell peeking through. I noticed this quality in excess when I sprayed the CWM EDT, and have been wondering if the oil was any different. Turns out--no, it is not, however, at the start, this note is greatly diminished as compared to the CWM spray.

    The MJA was a tiny bit more dry, and for lack of a better way to say it, sort of baseless. It definitely didn't have the same chemical undertones as the CWM, but likewise did not seem to have anything anchoring it either.


    Both scents developed very quickly, but the MJA lost its top notes a bit faster than the CWM oil. However, as the two developed, that chemical scent from the CWM became more apparent. By this time, I was wondering if this the the Musk part of the CWM. Further, I was wondering if perhaps the CWM I wore as a young adult had the dreaded NITRILE musks. If so, it would make sense that the newer one smells different to me. Also, since both the CWM spray and the oil have it, clearly it was an intentional part of the composition. The MJA started to literally disappear--it either burns through the entire composition very quickly, or the base notes are almost non-existant.

    Complete dry down:

    Now, almost 9 hours later, I can't really smell anything from the MJA arm. On the CWM arm, there is very little sweetness left, but the chemical musk smell is still present, though not very strong anymore. On the whole, the CWM oil also seemed to last longer than the CWM edt, based on a previous wearing of the spray.


    The MJA, is $65 retail for 10 ounces--which makes it $6.50 per ounce (could be less if found at a discounter). Due to its short longevity, it would need to be refreshed about every 4 hours, probably 1-2 sprays per wrist at least.

    The CWM oil I saw for varying prices, but typically is around $15 ($11 plus shipping) for 0.5 ounce. So, $30 per ounce, but only a dab is needed and it lasts all day.

    The CWM edt was around $10 at Target for 1.5 oz., so $6.67 per ounce (surprise--it is MORE than MJA). Longevity as I remember from my last wearing was more along the lines of MJA.

    I think if you are a CWM lover, the MJA is actually not a bad deal, and has some of the same sweet character as CWM. However it does not have the oily chemical musk base, and fades to nearly nothing. The fading could be desirable for people who like to switch fragrances from morning to evening. Also, the low concentration of the MJA makes it a refreshing splash-type application.

    09th November, 2008

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Really didn't like this, which is a shame, as I loved Rain and Ivy. I found this simultaneously soapy and weak, which is criminal if you're going to call it Amber - amber should be big, golden and sweet.

    29th September, 2008

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    This is one of my favorites. I always get compliments on this whenever I wear it. It definitely has a sensual feel to it. The perfect pefume for a night out. I love that it comes in such a large bottle especially since I can't find it anywhere now.

    08th August, 2008

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    An extremely light and user friendly amber, that doesn't really contain all that much...well...amber! Autumn is the perfect season to breath in this scent. Marc Jacobs Amber smells like the fall breeze and tons of dried leaves! I also get a faint note of suede ~ which may be an illusion, but comfy cozy just the same. Wears close and sheer. The only bottles I've found are huge! Hopefully I'll find a small bottle to use during the next few weeks as Thanksgiving approaches.

    28th October, 2007

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