Tuscan Leather (2007)
    by Tom Ford

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    Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

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    I’m a leather freak.

    With that said, this is easily the most overrated scent of all time. To be brutally honest, this fragrance smells like an uncultured teenage girl who doused herself in a $5 bottle of Body Fantasies Body Spray (raspberry of course) and then went outside and smoked a cigarette. No joke—that is exactly what this smells like. Truly, this fragrance is a monstrosity. I was scrubbing my arms after an hour, and yet it lingered—wouldn’t leave.

    My girlfriend smelled it (who is not into fragrances, but can pick out notes like nobody I know) and she immediately smelled ashtray and turned away in repulsion, which corresponded with my own impression. I asked several other people and they all thought it was nasty/cheap smelling. The sickly sweet raspberry note smells cheap and kitschy. There is no refined leather here. I honestly question the taste of people who like this fragrance. I think there might be a little brand loyalty at play here. Sorry, but it’s true.

    I always look for the redeeming qualities in a fragrance. I have smelled masterpieces that I would personally never wear. I’ve never reacted this negatively to a perfume. However, there are no redeeming qualities in this fragrance. The price is the cherry on top—laughable.

    Two massive thumbs down! AVOID!!!

    17 March, 2014

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    I must say I am a bit disappointed with Tuscan Leather. Its just too over-powering, last time I wore it my respiratory system didn't appreciate it. I can only do a single dab or drop and even still its too strong. Just not worth the burden, plus it doesn't smell all that great IMO.

    04 March, 2014

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    yea. raspberry and leather. a classy scent. Tuscan leather is a well behaved and safe scent. classy not sexy.

    26 February, 2014

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    New to the fragrance game. I got a good deal on ebay for a lot including this perfume, amouage (i still don't know which one), aedes de venustas, narciso rodriguez, 3 hermes fragrances etc. When i first tried TL out, it felt very harsh and sour and I just couldn't get myself to like it so i immediately listed it on ebay for sale and went to bed. 6hrs later I woke up, in the middle of the night, and the listing already had 12 watchers and then something magical happened - I smelled the fragrance on my wrist - and it had evolved so nicely - still very leathery but it had lost the harshness it had when it opened. I immediately took it off ebay (thankfully, no one had placed a bid yet). I took my shower, went to school and returned and I can still smell this beast on my wrist(18hrs later). Im so keeping this. I'll probably get a bottle of TV too so I can layer it on this because this is likely to be difficult to wear for a young dude like me. BTW, first review on basenotes - yaaaay!!!

    14 February, 2014

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    Opens very sweet, with raspberry being the dominant note, but rapidly moves into a dirty leather note that is disconcerting to me, in one hand smells oily and dirty and on the other it smells like a freshly soaped horse saddle. The raspberry note refuses to leave turning more and more into this fermented fruit juice notecreating an effect that is really weird to me.
    After maybe half an hour the fermented raspberry starts fading slowly as is replaced by a faint burnt note that in combination with the oily note makes the leather smell more like an old, worn, beaten saddle that has been to the races too many times already, fortunately there is this spicy note in the background that saves the day, so the drydown is not that skunky after all.
    It reminded me a horse stable and horse drawn carriage shop from my youth, the leather scent of the saddles, reins etc... together with the leather soap scent, the oily note like the axle grease and the smoky/burnt note from the forge for horseshoes, and the sweet and spicy notes coming from the kitchen next door.
    This fragrance brings all that to my mind and as such I should consider it a masterpiece, besides, it really captures the essence of leather like no other perfume I know, but the question is: do I want to smell like THAT?.
    Brilliant, but unwearable for me, maybe I'll spray the interior of my car with it, it has vinyl seats so everybody will think is real leather LOL
    Sillage is nuclear so be careful when spraying it on you, and it lasts all day+.
    Thumbs up as a creation, thumbs down for wearability, so it gets a neutral from me

    07 February, 2014

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    My personal favorite of the Private Blend line. A fantastic leather scent. Off the top there are nice notes of raspberry mixed in. On my skin, it dried down to a very rich smokiness, with amber mixed into the picture as well. I think this is a rugged, mature fragrance and is great for a cool evening. The woman at the Tom Ford counter described this as the cologne for "the man's man" and I would agree

    The longevity is fantastic, it lasted for many hours on my skin. Really happy with this fragrance.

    01st February, 2014

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