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Tuscan Leather (2007)
by Tom Ford


Tuscan Leather information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
PerfumerHarry Fremont
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Tuscan Leather

Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

Reviews of Tuscan Leather


The stuff of addiction.If you've ever wanted to be so classy, sophisticated and sensual that is intrigues your presence,much like JAMES BOND,then TUSCAN LEATHER TOM FORD would be your perfume of choice.The private Blend lineup is full of great choice like this one and Tobacco Vanille.this my new favorite is truly a gem because not many poople wear it and this smells far better than 90% of the fragrances out in the market today. TUSCAN LEATHER exudes class and demands the envy of others. Rich,Leathery,Smoky, Special,Bitter,Expensive,Addictive and Masterpiece.

This great fragrance opens with saffron and raspberry for a powerful introduction,before fading into a heart of jasmine and olibanum.finally leathery notes bring a warm masculinity to the base however it is a unisex but i found it more masculine than feminine. the dry down is absulutely definitely a perfume that can worn to formal prties and all formal occassions.the best seasons Autumn and Winter to wear it.ideal for a rich tycoon. everyone who thinks this kind of perfumes are too expensive and junky,then dosent have a right perception of essence of perfume world.expensive yes,but so worth smells like you spent a fortune on it and will leave you wanting to wear it day after day.Royal Enchanment in a bottle!


Longevity?+8 hourson my skin.

11th May, 2015
An impressive fragrance but eventually the syrupy raspberry and soft suede-like leather will stop calling to you. My bottle initially had a nice smoky opening, but as the fragrance level went slightly down, the smoke opening failed to show up.

Great longevity and projection. 3 sprays max for this one, 1 spray will do for most.

Great quality, decent value despite the high price. But you won't be reaching for this one often. Winter only in my view because it cuts a thick line in the air.
27th April, 2015
This cologne is REALLY incredible. The name describes it well.

The first time I sprayed it on, it hit me. reminded me of a very particular aroma.

When I was a kid, i remember trying to wear my grandpa's old leather bomber jacket. --You know, the type with the woolen collar? The jacket just had a smell, an aroma, an aura. It smelled like all the fun and cool things my grandpa liked to do. It smelled of tobacco pipe smoke, a gentleman's hint of some sort of booze, old exhaust-beaten leather and it smelled dirty, but earthen and not odorous.

I wish I could post an old photo of him in that jacket. The picture alone would exude "Tuscan Leather".

The dry down doesn't change the aroma as much as some other Tom Ford samples I've tried, it stays consistently the same type of aroma from start to finish. I really enjoyed it. 8/10 for me.
17th March, 2015 (last edited: 18th March, 2015)
A classically-masculine smooth leather, with elements of woodiness and smokiness. This mostly lives up to the hype, though I'm not surprised since most Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances impress on uniqueness or strength at least. As I'm not typically a fan of leather notes, I was surprised how agreeable this was. I cannot detect the raspberry note specifically, though some of the floral/grassy elements are there.

Projection and longevity are both strong (more than a foot, and 8+ hours), though not as a strong as other TF PB cold weather entries like Tobacco Vanille or Noir de Noir. Nonetheless, it's worth trying and considering, even for the price tag, as it's well-crafted and pretty highly-concentrated

If I were bigger on leather, I would surely opt for this. Any man should try it for himself, though, even those like me that are not usually too keen on leather.

8 out of 10
02nd March, 2015
This fragrance lived up to the hype for me, but was more refined and 'civil' than I had expected. Very little raspberry to my nose (and almost no smoke) with a prominent leather scent that's simultaneously raw yet soft.

Maybe my nose is going haywire, but on dry down I get pencil shavings, yet there's no cedar listed in the notes... maybe it's the olibanum + the styrax together? Regardless, it works. The leather and wood give me the ambience of a craftsman's workshop.

It's tenacious. I can't speak to projection/sillage, but it seems potent enough on my skin that I dare not more than two sprays.

Not complex at all yet seems perfectly blended... incredibly smooth yet the leather gives it a nice edge. The price hurts but I don't care -- I love this stuff.
25th February, 2015
I love leather scents and Tom Ford Tuscan Leather (sample from TPC - does not disappoint! Thyme was very present at first, but I only caught a whiff of raspberry up top then more developed later. I detected leather on opening, the heart and at the base. A very rich, expensive leather with a hint of smokiness to it and a background of suede at drydown.

I wore this to work (big mistake!), and it was a bit much for the office. In future, Id wear this in more casual settings or a night out. The projection and sillage are incredible (which I adore) so a little over the top to my nose for a professional setting. I would step out of my office and return 15-20 minutes later and still smell me in the room. I put this on before work in the morning and it was almost as strong when I got home at night 10 hours later! I also used 4 sprays (chest, neck, wrists), and next time Id probably just do 1 good spray to the chest. I had forgotten before putting this on it was an EDP.

IMO this is really a very masculine scent and Im not convinced it is unisex. Unless you REALLY love being enveloped in the scent of leather all day this should be avoided, and the scent is enhanced beautifully when outside in the cold weather - Yum!! Id recommend only 1 2 good sprays. I love this, and will probably procure a small 5ml vial from TPC since you can buy small quantity juice there, just to have some on hand for special occasions when I want a sophisticated leather fragrance in the winter months.

As always, your results may vary!
26th January, 2015

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