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Oud Wood (2007)
by Tom Ford


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Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
PerfumerRichard Herpin
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Oud Wood

Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

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Reviews of Oud Wood

Tom Ford Oud Wood (2007) is part of the initial Private Blends lineup launched in 2007 as a competitor in the "prestige" market, that gray area between designer and true niche. Chanel, Dior, Armani, and many others have also launched similar collections under different headings, all with the same point in mind: to create perfumes that don't need to follow taste demographics and economies of scale to be successful, much like niche perfumes, but are still given a glossy later of "quality control" and house uniformity. In other words, Oud Wood is a member of a niche-interest class of fragrances sold at a higher markup by designers to justify the narrow footprint, rather than niche perfumes themselves made purely for artistic satisfaction of the perfumer at hand. Most of the time, stuff like this gets lumped in with niche anyway because "it's all technically niche at that point" since it's price makes it exclusionary to many folks who won't spend that kind of cash, and I totally understand. I don't see this, or anything in it's class as higher or lower than any other perfume to be honest, and the price for entry is just another factor to weigh for or against the stuff. In Oud Wood's case, the price is decidedly a drawback, because unlike other Private Blends I've tried, this one has performance closer to, and to my nose below, that of Tom Ford's usual signature line. Maybe at the time, the word "oud" on a Western fragrance was a money grab, because I actually don't recall any fragrances from 2007 having Oud proclaimed in the title that weren't a part of some higher-than-standard line. Tobacco Oud (2013) would turn out to be the scent that this fragrance wishes it was, and has none of the performance or irritant issues that I'll get to a little later on.

The purpose of Oud Wood is to present Oud in a rather unfettered form, but to also button it up nice and structured, so it appeals to Western tastes. Oud Wood has the medicinal facets of agarwood, but not the dirty animalic barnyard facets that it often takes when paired with rose or leather. This dry, semi-sweet, muted oud is paired with a few other woods in the note pyramid, and graced with a top of Sichuan pepper. The opening of Oud Wood is that pepper, saddled with rosewood and cardamom, two 70's throwback stalwarts that make Oud Wood feel older in style than it is with their aromatic spicy dustiness. The starring oud note shows soon after, paired with creamy sandalwood and slightly smoky vetiver, which carries on the dusty/chalky nature of Oud Wood. I really hate being the bearer of bad news here, but the final phase of Oud Wood is very much reminiscent of an old abrasive powdered cleanser called Comet, and although it doesn't ruin the scent for me, the association is forever ingrained, and it has to do with the way the powdery amber in the base interacts with the cardamom, vetiver, and oud above. There's also tonka and vanilla to round out and sweeten the skin finish, but it's not enough to purge the mind of a can of Comet. Wearing this has been something of a chore once you've made your way down to the itchy base, although the journey there is rather quite nice. There's an "Oud Wood Intense" (2017) version that has surfaced with the Comet note gone, but replaced with nothing but citrus and cypress around Tom Ford's oud compound; this stuff has none of the performance issues or irritation of this standard iteration, but is a monster all unto itself that I won't go near.

Ultimately, Oud Wood is intended to be a pleasant amber-based scent with a strong plonk of oud, surrounded by filler woods and spice to keep it in the semi-formal/semi-romantic zone. The Comet association with the dustiness of the stuff is unfortunate, but not a total deal breaker. However, the fairly weak projection and below-average longevity for an eau de parfum are, so I can't really recommend this. As an early American take on the wood once exclusive to the Middle East, it's decent enough, but really shouldn't be more than $50 for a 1.7oz/50ml bottle, and not somewhere near $200. Other Private Blend scents, some from this initial launch line up, and some from later series, do in fact feel worth their asking price, at least to me, and I'd gladly fork over the cash for Noir de Noir (2007), Santal Blush (2011), or Patchouli Absolu (2014), but not this. What compounds this worse is the hype behind this particular Private Blend, along with Tobacco Vanille (2007), as the two must-haves for men from the house. I hate to break it to ya, but the European-only Avon Premiere Luxe Oud (2017) actually does as good a job of presenting oud with pepper and woods as this, and doesn't get dusty or smell like cleanser in the process, so I'll have to give a hard pass on this one. If you dig this thing, I'd say it's the rare scent that hangs tight at both the office and a dinner date (just like Fougère d'Argent from 2018), but for as much as I tolerate aromachem bases in modern scents, there is just something overtly "chemical" here that doesn't jive, and I'd much rather wear the $30 "Luxe Line" Avon even if the amount of oud in it might also be nearly as, if not more questionable, than the amount found here.
20th August, 2018
Fantastic, earthy oud scent by Tom Ford. Although there are a plethora of alternate oud EdP's that Tom Ford has since created, Oud Wood is a basic, woody agarwood scent that is the "default" in Tom Ford's ever-growing collection.

Slightly spicy, a touch of sweetness, and the requisite dry wood vibe make Oud Wood a great starting point and / or basic-version Tom Ford oud scent to wear. Definitely well made and is entering, IMO, into living legend status.
16th August, 2018

Another shallow review.
It's pretty unique, never smelled anything even close - toffeee / incense, but with some freshness.
Extremely refined.
Better for the colder months.

Could do better on the longevity, but it's not tragic - it's medium I'd say - which is somewhat disappointing when You buy TF.
Costs a bit much.
Thumbs high UP!
12th June, 2018
Unusual and exotic. May take a while to wrap your head around this one. You may even get an odd celery note.

Once it clicks you will notice rosewood, oud and a slight bit of vanilla.

Not very strong but long lasting. Only 1 or 2 feet of projection at best.
15th May, 2018
Light and airy sandalwood in the opening and later there are some florals that suggest a unisex scent. Sexiness provided by the cardamom and hint of vanilla. Smells classy and refined. Versatile for day or night, office or date.

Above average projection during first few hours and then by hour 5-6 it's mostly gone. Lasts longer on clothes so be sure to apply there if you need more longevity.
03rd April, 2018
Smells exactly like Comet cleanser, the powdered disinfectant scrub in the green cylindrical cardboard tube that does wonders on stainless steel sinks and porcelain shower tubs, amongst other non-porous surfaces. Once you make this connection like I did, you'll never wear this again. When I used to frequent the Tom Ford counter at my local Nieman's, the sales rep lady and I use to joke about this connection, honest. I even did a comparison for amusement purposes by spraying a little on my arm and sniffing the top of the Comet container, the similarities are uncanny, still can't even believe it. An original formula of Oud Wood in the brown flacon is just a strong smelling spray version of Comet cleanser.
03rd February, 2018

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