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Oud Wood (2007)
by Tom Ford


Oud Wood information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
PerfumerRichard Herpin
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Oud Wood

Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

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Reviews of Oud Wood

Smells like a finnish sauna to me.

Undeniably high quality juice, but it lacks depth and character.
23rd December, 2015
Thoughts, July 2015

Comet and latex. I guess the story Tom Ford is telling with Oud Wood is of a house that's in the midst of spring cleaning,a fresh coat of paint and new custom built wood bookshelves. Perhaps it's a high end restoration and flip? It definitely does have a 'construction materials' theme happening.

Very Flipping Vegas!

Thoughts, December 2015

Oud Wood is no less Comet-like now than I remember it. Definite cleaning supply/house restoration vibe with Comet and wood. It's futuristic and wants no ties to Z-14 or Old Spice. "I'm a different kind of stink" it says with it's scent. Strange yet shockingly familiar as the things surrounding you everyday. This is no small feat. It seems to be begging the question: Is it art? There is something strangely appealing about it tonight, though.

Thumb's up, but only the tiniest bit up from neutral, mainly because it's "New House Smell" in a bottle and Tom Ford was inovative enough to make it, knowing it would unconsciously appeal to many.

17th December, 2015
Sharper in its opening, smoother in its dry down, Tom Ford's Oud Wood provides mostly wood, and only a little oud, and is mainly a refined cold weather scent that is regarded as one of the men's mainstays of the private blend line, and I generally agree. Oud Wood is masculine, smooth, and relatively safe creation from the private blend line, which is generally somewhat more daring. This is more of a crowd-pleaser, however, despite some notes that pile on the earthiness, like vetiver. I don't get much spiciness (i.e. cardamom, pepper) or sweetness (i.e. amber, tonka, vanilla) as the notes would suggest. For me, Oud Wood rests wholly in the woody realm with rosewood and sandalwood, with the oud as a subservient note that doesn't harshen the experience very much.

Relatively strong on projection and longevity, but not a powerhouse like Tobacco Vanille or Noir de Noir, it certainly has enough potency to justify spending they money if you like the scent.

I do not regard this as one of the greater entries in the private blend line, as many do--it doesn't sit well enough on my skin, personally, though I can understand how this could be a men's signature winter scent. Worth trying, as you may love it as many do, but not terribly unique in my opinion.

7 out of 10
15th December, 2015
Love the initial spray. Didn't seem to project well on my skin. I actually liked OW better when layered with Noir De Noir. This is coming from a person who isn't into layering. One morning I sprayed this on and it seemed like it needed something else. NDN was the answer. They both seem to compliment each other when worn.
23rd October, 2015
I have changed my mind about this one. I dismissed it initially after getting a strong plastic/rubbery vibe from the opening. Upon second try I no longer get this. Just a beautiful, light, woody, slightly spicy scent.

Lasts for a decent amount of time, but becomes a soft skin scent after a few hours. Great high class scent for work.
10th October, 2015 (last edited: 03rd December, 2015)
Like most TF fragrances, the sum of the parts equal a linear almost one note jus.

My first impression was Brillo pads (Google is your friend). And I thought why would I want to smell like scouring powder and steel wool? Then your nose picks up the nuances and then you can't get enough of it.

Nasal fatigue comes quick so for those who think this has longevity and projection issues, be rest assured others can smell it on you. I spray liberally.
30th June, 2015

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