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Noir de Noir (2007)
by Tom Ford


Noir de Noir information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Noir de Noir

Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

Reviews of Noir de Noir

Notes: saffron, truffle, crocus, rose, patchouli, tree moss, oud, vanilla. While this scent goes through a strident, awkward stage to start (saffron?) it shortly mellows to a woody rose that is hard to beat. The vanilla is so soft here and is beautifully blended with the patchouli that it gives an almost gourmand sensation with spices. Really charming. Good silage.
16th July, 2015
I purchased this based on the reviews, YUK! It smells like what your old Granny would wear, roses, and powder, I'm putting it straight away on a certain auction site.
26th June, 2015
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United States
This is well.... Not what I consider masculine... It reminds me of my rose bush on a humid summer evening.... On me no it doesn't work.... On a woman.... Well it's what I can imagine Audrey Hepburn would smell like... Classy, mysterious, ultra feminine and lose all my common sense sexy.
21st June, 2015
Noir de Noir by Tom Ford is the one that got away. It was my fault; I was too distracted by Sahara Noir, Oud Fleur, and Santal Blush to pay proper attention to the deceptively humble patchouli-rose perched at the other end of the fragrance counter. Sure, we all have our preferences, I am a sucker for incense, sandalwood, and floral-musks, and I typically approach the patchouli-rose blend with a neutral attitude. So, I overlooked NdN and fell into my predictable pattern at the perfume counter and purchased a bottle of…I don’t want to talk about it. I did, however, have the good sense to take home a sample of NdN. My first impression was, yes, this is a typical TF fragrance—very smooth, very approachable, and very mainstream. Yep, another sweet patchouli. But, as I kept sniffing, I realized that the floral element was rose and that I loved it. (Normally, rose is a tough note for me.) The patchouli was not apologetic, but was refined and folded into a boozy, honeyed structure. The rose element added a brightness that balanced the sweet earthiness, reminiscent of a good port wine aged in an oak barrel, although I would not say that NdN smells like port in a literal sense—it’s just something about how the elements are balanced. The polished patchouli oscillated between olive and earth, and I dare say that there could be a touch of oris root in the mix. The best part was the animalic shadow lurking in the background, a quiet musk-y mushroom, maybe oud?

Many fragrances in dangerous-looking black bottles tout the Noir name, yet fall short of living up to the idea of seduction in the darkness (Coco Noir—seriously). NdN is one of the few that deserve to be called “Noir” and I’ll keep pouring on the compliments and say that it transcends the culturally imposed gender boundary. Anyone who likes this fragrance can “own it” with little effort and avoid feeling like one is wearing a costume. That said, NdN did fall apart a little after a couple hours and lost its dirtiness while becoming excessively sweet. And—this needs to be said—NdN isn’t original or ground breaking and we’ve smelled this type of fragrance many times before, but it’s damn good.

22nd May, 2015

NOIR DE NOIR is one of the best of the several rose-oud perfumes i've tried.i adore the scent of rose in real life and hardly ever i dont likeit in perfumes just like this one who is a unique interpretation of an rose speaks confidence,when you walk away from someone it lingers in a nice sensual way,they will remember and definitely the perfume for you if you like to stand out from the crowd.from start to finish it is a Gorgeous,Earthy, Sophisticated,Classy,Captivating,Feminine,Sweet, Distinguished, Luxurious and Intriguing,adult rosy scent which seems to drive men to the edge of insanity.

Magnificent rose with subtle oud opening, mellowing to soft and gorgeous middle notes.when it dries down,it gets less sharp,the opulent vanilla, saffron and patchouli hint here is just great.the dry down is superb. everyone who likes a less arabian scent but would rather have rosy scent, this is perfect. NOIR DE NOIR is a unisex but this mixture is more feminine than masculine.This is definitely a scent that depends upon the wearer's chemistry. perfect when you wear in the autumn/winter evening in a special occasion.a scent for sophisticated noses not cheap tastes and youngsters who doesent have enough sense of this kind of scents


Longevity?Lasts and lasts.

11th May, 2015
Noir de Noir??? Actually nothing about this scent says "black on black", or "black of black"; it's a very misleading name. I mean, I don't take much stock in a name, but i do feel the name should imply the scent, and we're World's apart here.

The cologne sprays on nicely, smells masculine, but the moment it starts to dry it smells of roses and powder.

Basically, when I spray it on, I smell like my Dad. After the dry down, I smell like grandma.

A nice scent nonetheless, but I expected it to be much more "black". I wouldn't even wear this at night. 6/10 for me personally, but as a whole it is a much higher rated scent than that.
17th March, 2015 (last edited: 18th March, 2015)

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