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Amber Absolute (2007)
by Tom Ford


Amber Absolute information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
PerfumerChristophe Laudamiel
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Amber Absolute

Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

Reviews of Amber Absolute

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United States
This one holds a special place in my heart, it's the first ever private blend that I purchased back in 2008 when the line debuted. I read an article in some magazine talking about how amazing it was; the author said this one and Tobacco Vanile were his favorite; I decided on AA to be the first purchase and planned on buying TV later on.
When I first got it, I opened the box and sprayed it on a tissue, and smelled...and I immediately gasped...I thought it smelled absolutely awful. I was very disappointed in myself for blind buying it, and I was basically pissed off at the world at that point, especially at the guy who wrote the article :P I put the tissue down and forgot about it, and I left the room. Came back about ~45 minutes later and something caught my was a very faint vanilla incense that blew me was the tissue I had sprayed earlier! I sprayed some on my hand and again hated the opening, but after awhile it really started to smell magnificent. Eventually I learned to appreciate the opening and the entirety of the absolute masterpiece.
Boggles my mind why this one got discontinued. It's one of the highest rated private blends on this site and other fragrance based websites, there are tons of threads on it and multiple youtube videos and magazine articles...I doubt they'll ever bring it back, but one can hope...
05th June, 2015
Emoe Show all reviews
United Kingdom
i got a sample of this with a purchase of another Amber frag, and thought, huh, Tom Ford, this will be another one i wont like.
i was wrong.
first impressions were nothing great, the top notes didnt hit me and shout BUY ME, but as it dried down, i was encapsulated in a gourmand woody amber sheath, which personally i LOVE!
Definently a must have for me, just so sad its discontinued. thankfully, i have 50ml of it!
19th May, 2015
Reading the reviews of Amber Absolute is testimony to the fact that our individual senses of smell are unique. It is alternately described as:

Butter Scotch
Air freshener
Wood Shop
Pink Sugar

I get tons of Labdanum and love it. Labdanum, incense, and woods. Absolutely beautiful and, to me, unique. Both sillage and longevity are outstanding.

This is one of my all-time favorites and one of the few fragrances with which I find absolutely no deficiencies.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Discontinued
11th May, 2015
This is just too sickly and overpowering for me....not my vibe at all.
17th March, 2015
When I first tried the Tom Ford Private Blends, I was new to "fine fragrance" and didn't really like most of them. I hated Amber Absolute most of all - I thought it smelled weird and moldy. As the years have passed, most of the Private Collection have won me over as I've gained a little more experience. But I'm still not sure about Amber Absolute.

It's kind of like someone re-created a 50's/60's butterscotchy amber (there are shades of Coromandel in this) using that modern Pink Sugar marshmallowy vanilla instead of a nicer vanilla. It's got hints of sandalwood and frankincense, as well as some lavender on top for brightness (I think this is where the moldy smell comes from), as well as a peachy fruity quality.

Really, there are so many amazing amber perfumes out there that, in order to stand out, yet another one has to bring something new to the table. And the only thing Amber Absolute is serving is marshmallow. I can see how that could modernize a classic recipe, but I don't think it's for me. I no longer think it's awful, but I don't think it's great, either.
30th April, 2014
Ahhhhhh, Amber Absolute. you sick bas****! :D
Finally I found a sample of you!
It's another great amber based fragrance that I was expecting a little more out of it but still it's strong enough to kill tons of other fragrances out there!
The opening is a strong sweet amber mixed with lots of woods and spices.
The sweetness is strong in vanilla way and mixing with strong woods and spices, create a yummy sweet fragrance which is brutal and masculine at the same time.
The opening remind me of Amber Sultan. yes, but the sweetness is more and stronger.
As time goes by, there isn't too much changes.
The vanilla sweetness become stronger and you can still smell strong woods and spiced side by side the sweetness.
The dry down is different from Amber Sultan too my nose.
In Amber Sultan you will get a smooth honey sweetness which is not so potent plus very smooth woods and spices, but in this fragrance the sweetness is vanilla like and its very strong and also woods and spices are much stronger!
The dry down and base of this fragrance remind me of Andy Tauer's masterpiece! I mean LADDM!
They don't smell exactly the same, but they do have things in common!
So if you can't find this fragrance or it's too expensive, you can replace it by LADDM easily which is as quality as this, maybe even better and just like this with stunning projection and longevity.
It's quite sad that this fragrance is discontinued, but fortunately there are great replacements for it.
01st February, 2014

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