Purple Patchouli (2007)
    by Tom Ford

    • Launched: 2007
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Purple Patchouli information

    Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

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    This is a unique fragrance, at times a bit cloying even in colder temperatures, but at the same time quite interesting. The opening blast is a bit sharp, shrill but dark, with smoky dark floral notes breaking through based on violet with a bit of jasmine and patchouli in the background. It becomes sweet, like overripe bananas, but also acidic with a synthetic note obvious at times initially. Its floral character is always heavy and dark, like violets in a forest without lights. After a few hours this scent mellows and the competing notes merge more convincingly. Silage is big, strong projection and the longevity of nine hours is brillant. Apply sparingly.

    18 August, 2012

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    United States United States

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    This seemed very sweet and somewhat fruity on first application, but after a fairly long drydown, it goes to a very woody-oriental accord which is both warm and soothing. The spices in the heart note boost this effect slightly. The early stages have a lot of sillage, but even after it dries down a while it retains a moderate projection. Maybe not for office wear, but in situations where deeper, firmer scents are welcome, this is nice.

    20th November, 2009

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    I share the same sentiment with other reviewers of Purple Patchouli that it is a strange and bizarre fragrance. Violet and Patcholi notes come through strongly. The Patchouli is definitely there. I enjoy wearing this fragrance; it is very potent and long lasting (9+ hours) on me through it's various stages - spicy, floral, woody, etc. It's not always the first fragrance I reach for, but I do wear it on occasion and I think it's extremely well crafted. It is definitely a fragrance to try (maybe even twice) before you buy.

    02 March, 2009

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    United States United States

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    Easily the strangest of Tom Ford's Private Blends.

    Like, White Patchouli (Mr. Ford's mainstream womans fragrance) this scent features very little patchouli and much more bizarre accords. Decomposing fruit, fizzy and sweet violet notes (not barbershop oriented, rather something confectionery).

    Smell yoursefl one minute and it's dark, brooding and formal. The very next minute, the scent has moved to floral, bright and effervescent. Then, a whiff of woods and patchouli. Slightly chypre-ish in nature.

    I detect very little sillage from this scent and it has poor longevity.

    A very fun (and expensive) journey, if you're up for it.

    04 October, 2008

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    Candied violets and patchouli? Yep, that's what you'll get with Tom Ford's Purple Patchouli! Must say that I love it though, and find the patchouli base to be just the right potency.

    01st October, 2008

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    I didnít know what to expect when I purchased this, the name just sounded yummy. The opening is something floral and sparkly, which I can only assume is the orchid accord melding sweetly with it citrus counterpart. The two of them linger for 45 minutes or so until succumbing to the amber and Peru balsam. The funny thing I get with this scent is an ever present honey note. Itís not, ďknock your hat off ninja in the faceĒ like Sergeís Miel de bois or anything. It just makes the fragrance surprising and charming in its dry down. I canít say that the fragrance vanishes; more that I forget itís there until I move and catch it by surprise. Make sense? And, that quick hello is soft, human and lovely in its greeting. Itís subtle and I think modern, unlike the Peace & Patchouli of Haight and Ashbury, San Francisco.

    31st August, 2008

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