E.M. Rajasthan
    by J Peterman

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    E.M. Rajasthan is a women's fragrance by J Peterman.

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    The J. Peterman catalog naturally describes this in evocative terms... I love this scent as it has a warm start and a warmer finish...

    Spicy sweet top... tea and cinnamon, milky honey...almost clover.

    Mid reminds me of Galab Jamun... a syrup, sweet but not too sweet, with a spicy core... there are hints of cardamom's' slightly citrusy but definitely "like perfume in the mouth" explosion when you bite into a cardamom seed... this isn't a gourmand but is more incensey, maybe myrrh.

    The base is actually greener, with the cardamom and a little ginger coming up... a sweet incense base with vanilla perhaps. It's somewhat floral, almost a rose, possibly a tea in the base as well... as the base develops there is a slight (very slight) powdery but still beautifully sweet (again not TOO sweet) honey, maybe beeswax... benzoin, and myrrh coming to the fore. Spice, subdued cinnamon and nutmeg...cayenne... This is similar to a masala tea to my nose on the drydown... just enough bite to feel the pepper, ginger... cinnamon... nutmeg... cardamom... sweet, resinous honeyed, beeswax and masala tea. Sweeter on the drydown than the top or mids... I am not a fan of sweet scents but this one I make an exception for.

    Longevity on me... I thought it was just a few hours, but this afternoon (the next day) I still have a lovely trace of it on my skin. (And on paper, the drydown 24 hours later smells to me JUST LIKE quality Gulab Jamun, or perhaps fresh cinnamon rolls with a sweet, buttery spiciness. Not gourmand... but I do keep mentioning food!)

    Aptly named, but oddly if evocatively described by J. Peterman. Or is it that everyone gets a different impression? ( I think so.) At $40 for a 1 oz. spray EDT it's not a bad deal at all. I wear this when I'm feeling LANGUID...

    23rd March, 2010 (Last Edited: 24th March, 2010)

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