Royall Vetiver (2005)
by Royall Lyme of Bermuda


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Year of Launch2005
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A classic bouquet of invigoratingly fresh citrus blended with exotic East Indian spices lends mystique to the zesty yet warm finish of the Royall Vetiver Fragrance. Mixed with fine distilled alcohol and oils from the finest rootlets of the Vetiver grass to produce a sensuous feeling that lingers softly on the skin.

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Swanky Show all reviews
United States
As a vetiver fan, I do like Royall's plausible and realistic rendition but sillage and longevity are lacking. Several vetivers on the market are superior (Grey Vetiver, Encre Noire, Guerlain for example).
01st April, 2016 (last edited: 05th August, 2016)
The Bermuda Triangle...

I've always wanted to try something from the Royall Fragrances line, but it was never imported in Greece and Bermuda lies so far away. So, I was more than excited to receive some Royall Vetiver, due to a noble lady's kindness and generosity. Now, I understand there's a myriad of "vetiver this" and "vetiver that" fragrances out there, but I've always being wondering about how many people actually know how vetiver essential oil smells like. Since I fancy myself as a Nicolas Mamounas or at least a Roger Pellegrino in the making (yeah, right...), I have a good deal of pure essential oils around, and vetiver is one of my staples. So here's the case. For the first ten minutes or so, Royall Vetiver smells like the closest fragrance to vetiver essential oil that I have ever smelled. But after that, it smells like nutmeg and coriander and nothing else! Just in case of being somewhat hallucinating, I even compared it with the vases of nutmeg and coriander in my spice rack, and yes, it's definitely nutmeg and coriander all the way! Minus the first minutes that is. Now, the problem is that despite the fact that I really love nutmeg and mostly coriander, I can't understand why a fragrance consisting of three notes, and with the first two occupying 95% of its life, should be named after the third. I guess it's because vetiver is one of the brightest stars in the perfume sky, while nutmeg and coriander are mainly kitchen dwellers above all. Thus "Royall Nutmeg and Coriander" probably wouldn't stand a chance. But in any case, a fragrance so much alike Cacharel pour Homme, which is one of my eternal loves, couldn't score anything less than exquisite in my book, along with making me think that a trip to Bermuda anytime soon wouldn't be a bad idea, since suddenly, it doesnt look that far anymore....
27th February, 2015
AlHamr Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A decent, workhorse vetiver

Quite comparable to Guerlain's. It doesn't have the refinement, or the sparkle in the citrus top and the drydown is a little too sweet, but there's something quite attractive in its blunt, woody saltiness. It's a bit of rough with the deckhand on a subleached jetty, as compared to Guerlain's sometimes (depending on the mood) overly effete linen-clad yachting type.

Pros: Rough - in a good way. Cheap.

05th July, 2013
Not bad, a bit harsh though, very woody vetiver scent, not elegant but masculine.
21st October, 2012
This really holds it own against Guerlain, and against what I remember of Givenchy's Vetyver (memory sketchy here). Of the three, I wear this the most, and it does beautifully in a muggy, hot sub-tropical Eastern Australian summer. Where I live in southern Queensland at the moment, for the benefit of American perusers, its like a muggy warm Louisiana/Florid spring/summer about 9 months of the year :-/

Its so hard to find a good, affordable Vetiver that can be used year-round. This lush, whereas the Guerlain is a little drier, hand has a more commercial "masculine" feel.

A good, cool, soothing Vetiver as opposed to crisp and dry. There is a fortifying richness in the heart and base; one can feel the floral, spice, balsamic, and woody notes--they do not announce their arrival or departure. They're there, you don't smell them individually, they do their job. They bring a quality to this inexpensive delight not found everywhere in the world of Vetivers: no sass, no sharp bite, rooty-dirt kept well in check, no inkiness, but there is a certain substance to it. Body splash formula with EdT strength which blooms and contracts with rising and falling body heat, and wafts nicely in the heat of summer.

Definitely, unmistakable Vetiver, and I get many more compliments on this. I never seem to with the Guerlain (which I like just as much, but for different reasons, and managed to score a fresh 6.8 oz bottle for a steal recently)

Comes in a nice, but almost kitschy 4 or 8 oz bottle; I order and 8 oz coming into the spring, along with the Royall Lyme (also fabulous very, very nice, but still leaves one wondering if there is a more perfect Lime--there isn't, but I like about 7 or 8 interpretations equally).

Grad a bottle and give it a go. If you don't like it, it makes a beautiful linen spray. Can also be added to bath, shaving, and laundry water, which the company promotes as qualities of their blends.

In light of what it is, and not what it claims to be (and also because I think its a tad underrated), 4.5/5.
20th July, 2012
Other than a thumbs-up, I don’t have much to add to what’s been written. I get a linear vetiver with citrus on the open. As mentioned, this one is quite similar to Guerlain's. Naturally, those of us considering Guerlain as THE standard should like this one as well (my reference is the ribbed bottle); without the tobacco, though.

I'm 50, for reference. I don’t see why this one cannot be worn anytime, formal/informal, etc. Very economical – I scored an 8oz bottle on ebay for $2/oz, it retails for a little more. Fin 5/22/12
22nd May, 2012

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