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Lonestar Memories (2006)
by Tauer


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Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAndy Tauer

About Lonestar Memories

Lonestar Memories is a shared / unisex perfume by Tauer. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Andy Tauer

Lonestar Memories fragrance notes

Reviews of Lonestar Memories

This opens with a blast of leather-smoke-carnation and just a hint of TCP/Root beer. There's a bit of spice and sweetness there, but mostly it all about the leather-y smoke. It last forever (12 hours +) on me, and doesn't change much - the smoke fades a bit and the sweet amber/tonka in the base becomes more prominent. It smells like a bonfire and an old leather jacket, with a bit of warm sweetness underneath. Beautiful in small doses. I've tried sniffing it with Lutens A La Nuit on the other arm to bring out the jasmine (when I was at home alone to avoid suffocating anyone...) and there are some floral elements, but they're quite dry and muted, even when you're looking for them.
15th June, 2018
Goes on like a son of a bitch!! I mean really heavy handed. I'm sure I won't like it but the dry down?? Well....It gets much better. The problem with this one is that it is just too strong and too overwhelming. That makes it unwearable for me. It will just dominate a room. Really get up peoples noses and can come across as obnoxious and boarder line rude. The bottom line is that I view this as a very well constructed fragrance but just too potent for me.
17th May, 2018 (last edited: 21st May, 2018)
where am i coming from?
where am i coming from?
that i'm saturated with such a night's smell ?
Forugh Farrokhzad(1934-1967)
02nd January, 2018
Ridden hard, dusty, trail weathered leather with a large dose of clary sage, cinnamon and cistus. Lonestar Memories is the predecessor to Lonesome Rider. I recently sampled LR and found it easy wearing and smooth, LM is hard and weathered by comparison. It's a very interesting, well executed concept that Andy Tauer deftly employs in both scents and they both are equally derivative of the other. For me LM is just not anything I could wear often and I much prefer LR over it. Powerhouse sillage and longevity. I'll give it a neutral, probably deserving of better.
27th November, 2017
The more I wear this, the more I think it's bottleworthy. It's leather, tar, cinammon, Rubber, and sand. It's well crafted and doesn't change drastically in the drydown. It lasts about 10 hours as well. I prefer this far more than desert morrocain, but there are similarities between the two. I really enjoy this scent. It's unique and well made.
09th February, 2017

Lonestar Memories - fragrances like this are the reason I love fragrance, thank you, Andy Tauer.

When I first put this on, I smiled, and that is the power of perfumery, and what I heard Andy talk about on a youtube video recently, when he said he came to realise this was not about making fragrances to sell to make money, this was about touching people.

The first wild, strange, intangible burst I got from this, besides the leather, and goodness knows what else, there was just one note, just one note, that took me back to... back to... it was on the tip of my tongue, and my smile was beaming wide, what was it?

And then, bingo, it came to me - it was my dad's dental laboratory, and the smells of my childhood - my father was a dental technician, and a big fragrance fan (and I instantly knew I would have to get him a bottle of this for his upcoming 70th birthday) - it took me straight back to those happy times as a kid, helping him out in his lab at home, those intoxicating smells of the chemicals in his lab, never unpleasant in any way - in fact we always used to joke that he must have been getting high off of all those fumes! - but it took me straight back, and it made me smile, and for that I will be forever grateful, Mr Tauer.

On me, that final basenote lasts and lasts and lasts, literally an application in the morning will last into the next. I don't understand how anybody can be anything but mystified and stupefied at how this fragrance can so slowly and so subtly change and mutate from its brute opening to its beautiful soft, woodsy closing - it is nothing but the purist art from a pure artist, and all I can say is long live our sense of smell! I think of it as art for the nose. I mean, we have art for the eye, art for the ear, art for the mouth, why not art for the nose? WHY NOT ART FOR THE MEMORY, ART FOR THE FEELING! THUMBS UP!!!
07th May, 2016

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