Chopard pour Homme (2006)
    by Chopard

    Chopard pour Homme Fragrance Notes

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Nothing new, but the style and a scent women tend to appreciate, at least in my enviroment. Spicy with some nice hint of wood it reminds me of Cerruti Pour Homme (wich I like more as it is a bit more intense) quite much. Innofensive, relatively fresh scent for the office and maybe a date too, as I regard this type of scent as innofensively stylish.

    15 October, 2011

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    United States United States

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    I find that I agree with both SirSlarty and deeperthought. I do like it...yet it feels like a lighter, more sanitized version of Lanvin's Arpege. A very safe choice for the workplace, thoroughly competent but thoroughly unremarkable.

    24 March, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Nice and sweet and lightly spiced woods. Chopard pur Homme is a wonderful sweeter alternative to the fresh and clean inoffensive scents for the workplace. The top of citrus is naturally fleeting but the sandalwood drydown is humble at a good 4 hours. Very nice. I like it.

    13 March, 2009

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    Australia Australia

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    Audi not owns Lamborgini and is (as of the new models coming shortly) going to mae good looking but very German cars. Lamborgini used to be an up-yours loud-mouthed vain-glorious brand for people who acted likewise. What we are seeing is a trend towards sanitisation of products to appeal to a wide audience.
    Ditto fragrances.......

    20th June, 2007

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This is the new age of how all perfumes are smelling, Like Prada men, and Euphoria, slightly sweet, oriental and earthy. It is like a refelection of Western Countries an infusion and takeover of Asian influences. Where are all the cowboys gone?

    09 December, 2006

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