Florida Water (1908)
    by Murray & Lanman

    • Launched: 1908
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    Nice Household Product

    Cola-softdrink minus sticky-sugar. Overall nice. Smells natural. I wish it was less spicy. I think spices bring out the sour quality in citrus rather than the freshness. It's wonderful in a bathtub since the faint chlorine in bathwater brings out the freshness and cancels out the acidity of the citrus in a way that turns the spices into a nice compliment. I realize it's weird to speak positively of chlorine as a layered note. It works.

    This is also a wonderful cleaning solution for dirty keyboard keys. Cuts the grime and makes your desk smell nice. I also use it to wipe down my toes after I clip my toenails. This has made me interested in cheap weak colognes overall. So versatile!

    Pros: versatile, cheap, smells natural
    Cons: spiced citrus is not my favorite harmony = Cola

    06 July, 2013

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    This fragrance, of course, has magical qualities...protective & positive.

    Then, again, it also has healing qualities...soothing an insect bite, refreshing hot sticky skin, discouraging mosquitos & encouraging a tired spirit on a hot muggy night or on a damp chilly night. The combination of bracing citrus, spices & herbs hits hard at first, then fades quickly to a gentle clean tone, without excessive sweetness or clingy undertones.

    I appreciate a different take on "clean smell" as an alternative to combinations of aldehydes, citrus & florals.

    30th June, 2012

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    This review is for Goya Florida Water, which I got at the grocery in the Latin food sectionó4 oz. for two and a half bucks!óright there with the black beans and the coconut sodas! Goya's is orange and clove all the way, a great after bath splash in the summer, especially if followed by anything Myrurgia. I luv Zut's suggestion of using it in a humidifier. Now I'm inspired to use it instead of Febreze in my car or on bath towels.

    04 May, 2012 (Last Edited: 31st May, 2012)

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    I don't believe I am writing a review about Florida Water and a positive one too!!! But hey, this has to be the cheapest scent on the market and it is still around after over two centuries. This should tell us something. Back in the 80's when it cost about 2,99$ a bottle, I would buy FW to put in the water of my humidifier. It made my apartment smell fresh and clean. Back in my childhood years, some mothers would put a little FW on their babies' belly after they bathed them or changed their nappy. To me, FW is a comfort fragrance. Of course, it is so light it cannot really be worn as a bona fide EDT. Well, maybe as an after-shave. I think it is fun to read what other reviewers do with Florida Water. Any other suggestions?

    15 October, 2011

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    This little $4 fragrance is quite the chameleon. Right out of the bottle, or immediately upon splashing, it has the fizzy sour lemondrop aura of Caswell Massey #6, which I'm frankly not too thrilled about. Soon, a lot of orange peel begins to creep in, and those initial notes start to fade after a few minutes. Cinnamon and some other spices also start to appear, but more slowly. The middle is thus chiefly orange, with receding fizz and growing cinnamon. Just a few more minutes, and we're left with mostly just the cinnamon. Because of its lightness, and the idea of it as an alternative to an Eau de Cologne, I would use it in summer even though the base is effectively a spicy fall/winter scent. I don't think I've ever seen so much evolution in such a bargain basement fragrance.

    30th May, 2011

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    Can't really add anything about the scent itself. It really is pretty nice considering the price. It's often kept in the refrigerator and spritzed or rubbed with a cotton ball on the back of the neck or chest as a refreshing summer cool-down. Does double duty by cooling off and helping remove some of the smell of sweat when a shower isn't an option.

    The alcohol in it helps cool to with the evaporation. Can always tell it's summer here when the Florida Water is filling up the shelves of the local drugstores.

    Used very often in Hoodoo as a spiritual cleanser as well.

    18 May, 2011

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