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Antidote (2006)
by Viktor & Rolf


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Year of Launch2006
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People and companies

HouseViktor & Rolf
PerfumerAliénor Massenet
PerfumerPierre Wargnye
PackagingFabien Baron
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Antidote

Antidote is a masculine fragrance by Viktor & Rolf. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Pierre Wargnye and Aliénor Massenet. The bottle was designed by Fabien Baron

Reviews of Antidote

what can I say about this complex delicious .lavender cinnamon incense of the most changing scents.9/10
02nd February, 2018
I thought I'd never smelled Viktor & Rolf Antidote but upon obtaining a decant of an older batch just recently, I've remembered that this is something I do recall from a decade ago, and it's phenomenal, mysterious, and signature scent worthy. Perhaps some nostalgia, even from a decade ago, makes me want to keep smelling it over and over again, but it's likely the combination of notes that hits a few areas just right.

The note listing is immense, so I'd mainly hone in a few accords: the freshness of the lavender, soft woodiness of the cedar, and sharpness of the mint that adds a little bit of an edge to an otherwise smooth and unassuming mixture. I

Antidote is classic, vaguely in the barbershop fougere sort of way, a little closer to Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT than some of the other kin, but still in separate territory, a composition somehow unlike those yet reminiscent of the same type of gentleman that might wear it.

Performance is quite stellar for an EDT, with quite strong projection and longevity.

Really a superb blend, an instant favorite and one that I hope to acquire.

9 out of 10
31st March, 2017
So many notes, but what stands out to me is the mint and cedar in the opening and then incense later. I can smell the florals under those. The whole thing smells like a mixed drink but I can't place which one.

Very light and airy with performance to match. This skin scent does last, sprayed it in the morning and it was still there when I got home and changed shirts.
15th March, 2017
delicate and pervasive, nothing groundbreaking, light as the breeze!
02nd March, 2017
I really really wanted to like this and tried really hard to convince myself this should get a thumbs up but I just can't do it. Neutral is a fair rating for this considering the scent tree this should be an epic monster of a scent. Of course it's a long lasting skin scent... If you have that many notes in your fragrance and for the price it should be way more than this. As far as the smell it is pleasant with some citrus and spice with a decent woody vanilla dry down...
08th June, 2016

This is another Great fragrance in my Collection but unfortunately some times it was gives me headache however My friends tell me,when we smelled your cologne we feel in love with it.

I found ANTIDOTE V&R combination ROMANTIC and SEDUCTIVE.a bold fragrance not the meek and definitely not for the faint of heart.Elegant and is actually a quite complex.Woody and Spicy.

The base notes was very appealing for me.ANTIDOTE makes a drowsy winter night feel phenomenal!Perfect for special nights out on the town.well balance between Young/old but not old man.

LONGEVITY? one of the best part this cologne as it was EXCELLENT on my skin.

15th April, 2015

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