Firewood / Feu de Bois
    by Ava Luxe

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    Firewood / Feu de Bois information

    Firewood / Feu de Bois is a unisex fragrance by Ava Luxe.

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    Canada Canada

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    On me, this is an incense and birch tar scent – I don’t get cedar or wood smoke. I’ve tried it twice. The first time it seemed resinous, dry and green to me; and thus I liked it a lot. The second time, the birch was much more noticeable. It combined with what I assume is myrrh to create a somewhat sweet, perfumed and tangy note that is a bit challenging. I can see why some people call that ‘synthetic’ or ‘plastic’. I like incense scents a lot, so I can find things to appreciate here. But it is not bottle-worthy for me.

    27th August, 2009

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    United States United States

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    I get a strong aromatic resinousness immediately in the opening – perhaps this is the plastic note that others refer to. My nose doesn’t interpret it as plastic or synthetic, but I can see where it could easily be what the others are referring to. I am sure that I don’t like it. It probably has something to do with the birch note – it wouldn’t be the first time I reacted to a birch note this negative way. I don’t find it sweet, just strongly aromatic, bitter, and resinous, and getting way too close to being disgusting. To my nose, the birch note overwhelms the smoke and incense until the fragrance settles down to its heart notes, at which point Fire Wood becomes an enjoyable scent to me. I don’t think the enjoyment I get out of the middle and base notes are worth the unpleasantness of the birch tar opening. I also don’t find this fragrance very similar to a crackling winter fire. It wears very beautifully with a quietly rich, woody, close to the skin drydown, but I’d like a more pleasant journey to get there.

    09th March, 2008

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    United States United States

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    This is after only 1 testing from a sample vial. I do have to say I wonder what could have been, because I do agree with the sythetic smelling note. I have the same problem with the Absolute version of CB Burning Leaves. On paper, this should be right up my alley. In reality, I wish it were a bit more natural smelling.

    07th November, 2007

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    United States United States

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    Strange, when I tried this version of Firewood, it was less intense than some other "firewood" scents: Galliano, Sonoma Scent Studio's Fireside and Fireside Intense, for example. It had a slight hint of sweet/plastic, perhaps from the incense notes. It does not bother me; in fact, it adds to the depth of the fragrance. It is not my favorite version, but is nice and perhaps more enjoyable for those who find other versions of this scent overwhelming.

    17th July, 2007

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    Wales Wales

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    As the other reviewers have mentioned, a very faithful woodsmoke smell. On a par with the Miller Harris roomspray for realism, if not better. As suggested by some other reviewers, I'd be interested to see her extend into room sprays, candles etc.

    I got definite whiffs of cedar and tobacco; lots of smoke, drying down into ashes. In fact, I must admit to getting a touch of ashtrays, but that might just be the ex-smoker in me.

    I found this very dry, too dry perhaps. In the end I sweetened it with a dab of Ava Luxe's 'Milk', which worked nicely.

    11th June, 2007

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    One of the luxe editions, Fire Wood kicks off with a huge burst of evergreen wood and a touch of woodsmoke. The smoke is pleasant, and not overwhelming as it sometimes is in fragrances like Fumerie Turque - Fire Wood is more like a camp fire in a pine forest.
    As it dries down, the incense emerges and it begins to resemble, ever so slightly, Zagorsk.
    Fire Wood is unisex, but has a strong masculine appeal. It lasts very well and has decent sillage. Although I don't think it's quite right for me, I do enjoy the smell. I wonder if Ms Luxe has ever thought of doing candles, because this would be superb!

    30th May, 2007

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