by Ava Luxe

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    Milk Fragrance notes

    Milk, Vanilla, Musk

    Milk information

    Milk is a unisex fragrance by Ava Luxe.

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    United States United States

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    This is similar to Love's True Bluish Light but add the condensed sweet note of milk to it. It's gorgeous ,gourmand ,addictive with that fabulous amber/vanilla that Serena uses. A comfort scent. No doubt it is lovely. Long lasting ,great sillage. A joy.

    17 June, 2010

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    Canada Canada

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    As noted by other, shares many similiarities with CSP Matin Calin. Differences for me are 1)lacks the caramelized/burnt sugar note of Matin Calin 2)seems to be somewhat less sweet than Matin Calin 3)drydown is all musk on me - no more milky/condensed milky notes. It's the third item in that list that put me in the thumbs-neither-up-nor-down category for this frag. Also, personally, I prefer Matin Calin, and would even without the musky drydown with this one.

    04 December, 2008

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    United States United States

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    Just luscious, but then I have a sweet tooth! Similar to CSP's Matin Calin, but better. Warmer. It smells like the vapor that erupts when I add a combo of warm cream and condensed milk to the caramelized butter, sugar, water, and corn syrup concoction that I use when I make bourbon & vanilla caramels. Mouth watering! A true comfort scent for anyone who loves gourmands.

    06 November, 2008

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    Ava Luxe's Milk perfume smells like vanilla cake batter to me. Which would be fine I were a foody-scent person and/or wanted to be devoured but in both cases, I'm not. L'Artisan's Bois Farine is about as far as I go with gourmand perfumes and it has absolutely no sweetness to it. The only other gourmand scent that seems similar to Milk in terms of quality and true-ness is Lann Ael from Lostmarc'h which smells like a freshly baked oatmeal cookie. Hmmm..... Wonder what would happened if you layered these two fragrances together?

    To sum up, the best way to express my feelings for Milk is what Abraham Lincoln once said, "For people who like this sort of thing, this is just the sort of thing they would like. " Per The Perfumed Court, here are the notes: milk, vanilla and musk.

    19 June, 2008

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    Wales Wales

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    I concur with all the other reviews: condensed milk and comfort.

    Not to be splashed on all over, but rather nice to put a spot of on your wrist before bed in flannel PJs with a hot water bottle and a good book. I tried it in summer, perhaps it would be better in the winter. I think it might wear well with a big woolly jumper or a cashmere scarf.

    The thing that would put me off buying a bottle is that I found it very sweet. I think it might well be appreciated by young girls - and I'd certainly be much happier buying this for my daughter or goddaughters than something from a 'sleb' famous only for going bonkers, exposing themselves or being named after a hotel.

    10th June, 2007

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    United States United States

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    Ava Luxe's Milk is delightful. It's a sweet, warm comfort scent that's great for wears well and does not turn "plasticky" on my skin as so many of the other milk scents I have tried.....this remains creamy with a slight hint of vanilla.

    28 April, 2007

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