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Love's True Bluish Light
by Ava Luxe


Love's True Bluish Light information

GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 79 votes)

People and companies

HouseAva Luxe
PerfumerSerena Ava Franco

About Love's True Bluish Light

Love's True Bluish Light is a shared / unisex perfume by Ava Luxe. The fragrance was created by perfumer Serena Ava Franco

Love's True Bluish Light fragrance notes

Reviews of Love's True Bluish Light

A very nice, natural vanilla, this. Not unlike Tihota, but done with a much lighter hand. To begin with, there are subtle woody, ambery tones, & at around the three hour mark it dries down to a smooth, white chocolate-like accord. It slowly fades to a skin scent over around eight hours.
This one isn't piercingly sweet, & I don't really get musk here, unless it's of the white musk variety, but it's not obvious to me. It's not a heavy gourmand, but it's comforting in a delicate & gentle manner. If this fragrance were a fabric, it would be the softest, fluffiest towelling robe, rather than a thick, furry blanket, & so it works quite well in warmer weather.
Definitely worth a try for vanilla fans!
28th November, 2017
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The golden thread running though this creation is vanilla. No, not the usual, sweet, direct or eccentric in your face vanilla. It is an unusual vanilla that is restrained, always enmeshed with other componenents, never intrusive but equally not particularly restrained. A very fine vanilla indeed.

This vanilla is changing over time. Initially it is interwoven with a fine, light amber, which is soft and pleasant. Then a gentle white musk is its accompaniment for a while, and toward the ends it assumes the flavour of a glass of tepid milk. All theses additional notes came and go in numerous permutations, like variations of a musical theme.

The performance, in all its gentleness, is astounding. The sillage is moderate, the projection good, but the longevity is amazing - thirteen hours on my skin.

This is a surprising and thoughtfully creative twist on the vanilla theme, an elegantly restrained and airy twist; not the usual vanilla as the usual heavy central hitter in a mix of fragrance notes. Not large cumulus clouds, more life fluffy gentle cirrus as harbinger of good weather. 3.5/5
27th January, 2016
Beautiful emotive vanilla

Ava Luxe's Love's true Bluish Light not only possesses one of the most beautiful names in perfume , to me but also a very special nuanced vanilla scent.

The white amber adds something extra special to this and I love it. This is better than many high end and pricey niche perfumes and certainly beats any department store plasticky vanilla scents. it's grown up and thoughtful vanilla and at the same time retains something child - like. Wonderful and emotive.

Moreover, Serena Ava Franco adds her extra special touch to this perfume. One of my old time favorites and always will be. Tenacious and lasting in all forms.

Pros: Lasting ,gorgeous
Cons: None !"

17th September, 2013
Bagfish Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Reading the reviews indicating that this was vanilla/dough/musk/bread, I thought this would be a perfect scent for me, but it's not. It's really, really milky which I wasn't expecting, and as someone who hates the smell (and taste) of milk, this was an absolute disaster on me.

The smell of sour milk drowned out any of the other notes listed, and meant that I had to wash the scent off as it was making me feel unwell.
28th August, 2011
I'm not sure if a fragrance can formally be classified as "cute", but in my opinion, this perfume is adorable. It is not cute in an over-the-top, cliche way like a basket full of kittens with pink and blue ribbons around their necks, but it is charming in a warmly eccentric way--like a little hedgehog in a polka-dot bowtie. The initial impression from the bottle is that of vanilla, but also a lot of fresh bread. It stays that way on the skin for about two hours before fading completely. This is a linear fragrance that is not challenging, complex, lasting, or demanding, but it is unusual enough with the bread note to assert its place in my heart as a darling little vanilla amongst the plethora of vanillas that try so hard to be sexy.
12th March, 2010
This may very well be my favorite fragrance - it's a beautiful, sensual, extremely wearable perfume. It starts with a lovely vanilla note and, after a few hours, settles into a warm musk with a slightly sweet, almost milky, tone. LTBL settles in close to your skin but has enough sillage that somebody standing close can still catch a whiff long after application. Everytime I wear this, which is pretty much daily, my husband always seems to find an excuse to sniff me.
07th July, 2009

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