Sweet Absinthe
    by Ava Luxe

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    Sweet Absinthe Fragrance notes

    Absinthe, Licorice, Anise, Vanilla Flower, Sweet Musk, Lemon Balm

    Sweet Absinthe information

    Sweet Absinthe is a unisex fragrance by Ava Luxe.

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    Sweet Absinthe is appropriately named here. Whether it hits the mark exactlly on absinthe, I am unsure about, but certainly the medicinal licorice reference is there. And this one is sweet, rather a bit much for my taste, but it is again true to it's namesake.

    There is a nice creamy woodiness to the drydown, but for the most part this one is rather linear.

    Not unpleasant, but a rather simple effort.

    10th May, 2013

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    I've only smelled absinthe once, and I remember it having been far more licorice-y/anise-y than this. What I'm picking up here is more caraway-ish in nature, possibly with hints of some green herbal note -- lovage, perhaps, or maybe even tarragon? Would love to see the pyramid on this odd little beast. There's a definite streak of mint here, as well.

    Don't know quite what to make of this one, really. It goes on smelling very medicinal and quite herbal (in a savory way -- think caraway) and soon dries down to a sweet minty smell with woody undertones.

    Not unpleasant at all. In fact, I rather like it. Thumbs up? Yes, especially after having smelled another herbal concoction -- Skarb -- this past week and having found it much less pleasant. Still, this one is a definite "try it before ya buy it" frag, no question about that.

    18 January, 2008

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