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GenderShared / Unisex
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HouseAva Luxe
PerfumerSerena Ava Franco

About Vamp

Vamp is a shared / unisex perfume by Ava Luxe. The fragrance was created by perfumer Serena Ava Franco

Reviews of Vamp

This is a great nocturnal scent. Better on cold and dry weather, than on humid and hot. It is a SUPERB creation, a five stars, in my opinion. Misterious, rotund, well rounded with different layers. I like the labdanum on here, is so dark and luxurious. Animalic, yes and very sexy.
23rd October, 2009
You may think of sandalwood as a serene, contemplative, even spiritual fragrance, but that's not the way Serena plays it in this perfume. Here it's animalic, lusty and luxurious. A powerful oriental, with all that implies (apply lightly at first, reserve for evening wear etc etc) this is a testament to the extraordinary talent of this young woman. Frankly, it's filthy; but in the most classical and refined way. Wear to the opera, not to church.

01st July, 2009
This is one of my favs. Lush, rich, sweet, heady-it's so many things I could go on forever. You see a word pop out here over and over again on these reviews? That word is SEXY. Nothing innocent here, the title fits. Vamp . Yep, that's right. Everything about it says "Come here...I have power over you, you are under my spell. You will give yourself to me." This sexy oriental will have no less than complete domination, baby! I don't think it sits too close to the skin as mentioned before. My husband could smell it on me just fine even with space between us. Perhaps on dry skin you might have problems with this, or maybe not enough was used to allow the fragrance to project well. It did fine on me and it lasted forever. I have no complaints, only rave reviews!
06th April, 2009
Geezus Louizus! This is the sultriest sandalwood I've ever encountered! This is the pure, sweet sandalwood of Indian temples and old fashioned fans, not the cloying and synthetic crap we encounter so much of today.

The exotic spices here make Vamp a true Oriental -- lush and complex and deep.

Unquestionably unisex and definitely worth seeking out.

HUGE thumbs up.
16th February, 2009
VAMP is ultra sexy. Makes me feel very kittenish, with my claws sheathed, but ready to pounce at any moment. Yet it's also a serious scent, a bit heavy on the spices and sandalwood. It's an "evening in" scent... negligee, high heels, boa and candle-light.
19th July, 2007
With notes of Oriental Spices, Amber, Sandalwood, Labdanum, Vanilla and Cashmere Musk, Vamp is a warm but sexy fragrance. It belongs to the same family as scents like Miller Harris' L'Air de Rien, though it has a little more spice and a little less musk than that fragrance. It goes on nicely and has good longevity but, on me, sits so close to the skin that I could barely smell it on myself. Admittedly even powerhouse fragrances like Poison sit close to my skin - I seem to be able to kill off any sillage a fragrance might produce - but Vamp is so quiet on me I have to literally bring my arm to my face to smell anything at all. Thus I think it's unlikely anyone else could smell it on me.
Overall, my opinion is favourable. This is a nice fragrance. However, I need something a little more powerful as my skin chemistry won't allow this gem to shine.
22nd May, 2007

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