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Into the Blue (2006)
by Escada


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Year of Launch2006
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People and companies

PerfumerRichard Ibanez
Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Into the Blue

Into the Blue is a feminine perfume by Escada. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Richard Ibanez

Reviews of Into the Blue

The Opening of Into the Blue starts off
with a scent of freshly cut grass that dominates 15 minutes of applying, Watermelon note starts steeping
though but the synthitic overtones fails to deliver the picture of a fruity paradise but still bring an air of interest, Lotus know for it's delicate elegance and with it's powery watery nuance quietly drifts placidly
The drydown is a confusing hodpodge of musk and peony, the note from the Peony
with it's sweet and powdery smell pleasent but shy and unobtrussive Amber and Musk notes IMHO don't blend well with the grass and watermelon bring a sour
tinge to In the Blue,

The real showshoper has to be the botle
Conjours the feeling of diving into the seas of different shades of Azure of Bali where the Ocean
meets the Flawless Turqoiuse sky Suspended in time the sense of oneness and tranquillity overcomes the senses in a Zen Paradise.
10th July, 2011
After an initial blast of watery notes, HUGE nondescript fruit notes overpower this juice. Thank goodness, the drydown returns to a more marine fragrance with a metal edge. Not bad. Could be unisex. But Cool Water remains the epitome of this sort.
10th October, 2009
Slightly sweet summer scent with a citrus and melon top and florals. Very similar to a lot of men's summer scents with the name blue. Heck, I wouldn't mind wearing this!
19th April, 2009
Mediocre water-melon fragrance. Similar to zillions of fresh summer scents. Nothing special. Disappointment.
14th May, 2007
Escada has done it again, and by that I mean only good things: ITB is and smells just great.
It sort of remids me of the now discontinued but still beloved escada’s FeelingFree, wich is (or was: it’s gone to heaven now) one of my alltime favorite escada scents.
The main difference is that ITB is more femenine and FF was more unisex and also a lot fresher: I could say ITB is soft-flowery-waters and FF was soft-clearblue skyes and rain. ITB is more complex than FF but it remains a simple scent (generally speaking) as well. Something like that.
ITB is very lightly sweet and femenine on the top notes and it remains like that for most of the run, so I’ll safely say that it’s a linear scent. That is not a bad thing here because it’s a very comfortable and pretty scent, something of a better quality in comparison to those beyond tacky escada’s limited editions.
The fruity-floral that this one is, might not be too different from others in the same category but this EDP is good enough for a full bottle puchase, at least for me.
Great heavy glass bottle and somewhat similar box and “aura” of Escada’s Escada (2005), wich is another one I relaly like.
When Escada2005 was cucumber and lightsweet water fruits, this one is more airy and even fresher, and not as sweet, I find that for an EDP, it lacks a certain longevity, but I still like it. If a woman oversprays ITB, it wouldn’t bother me at all. I might like it even better.! Good one Escada!.
10th February, 2007

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