360 Degrees Black For Men (2006)
    by Perry Ellis

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    A sweet spicy evening fragrance. I find this a bit nondescript. Lacks the WOW factor totally for me. 6/10.

    15 February, 2014

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    Don Corleone

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    I'd like to know who is doing the perfumery for Perry Ellis, because 360 white, black, red, reserve, "m", as well as numerous other fragrances are excellent. Don't listen to any naysaying about 360 black which claim it's a cheesy remake of La Nuit del'homme or Rochas Man. Not at all. It is in the same vein as those fragrances but very high quality and very distinctive in its own right. A gentleman posted that it's similar to 360 white but with tea/spice notes, and that is an excellent description. It certainly has serious gourmand attributes. I found mine at Ross for $12.99 for a 1.7. I've confidently worn it to work as well as a night out at the club. I can't say that about too many of my other fragrances.

    21st February, 2013

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    This hits me with a sweet, honeyed caramel, dark, rich vetiver and goes on giving for half an hour, after which it calms down, but still lurks in the background.

    This is most similar to Caswell Massey's discontinued VETIVER.

    Those who like their vetivers dry, smokey and pungent - or - green, sharp and bright - had best look elsewhere.

    However, I love it. I was bereft when C-M discontinued their VETIVER and now I have an equivalent again.

    The elegant black bottle is a classy and striking design as well.

    18 September, 2012

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    Rip off of Rochas Man and a cheap one at that.

    20th March, 2011

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    Nighttime. DrPepper.

    I have a soft spot for this one. It doesn't last all that long, it's not all that complex, but man do I ever like it. It's got a lot of powder up front, but combined with an almost purple accord that reminds me of Dr. Pepper. It's cozy, it's sweet, it's evocative, it's something on which I've gotten more than a few compliments. A go-to fragrance when I don't have time to think about what to wear out that evening, it's almost universally appealing if not particularly impressive on any one front. And it's the first scent that ever truly got the attention of my Basenoter girlfriend, so there's that ...

    27 February, 2011 (Last Edited: 14 April, 2011)

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    A very warm fragrance with some spices and almost a leathery smell. Similar to Le Male, but a bit warmer and less "vanilla" smell so to speak. A lot of people wear this as evening wear, which I definitely get, but I primarily wear this for work when wearing a dark suit or shirt and tie. Would recommend it, but im not jumping for joy.

    21st February, 2011

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