Cuir Ottoman (2006)
    by Parfum d'Empire

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    Cuir Ottoman Fragrance notes

    Iris, Egyptian Jasmine, Incense, Styrax, Leather, Tolu Balsam, Benzoin

    Cuir Ottoman information

    Cuir Ottoman is a women's fragrance by Parfum d'Empire. The scent was launched in 2006

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Leather

    Everyone seems to be getting something a bit different out of Cuir Ottoman. Could it be a "chemistry" thing?

    For me Cuir Ottoman went on tart, with the leather, a fresh, bitter green note, and something vanillic in the background. During the first hour the opening tart note becomes positively sour - even a touch vinegary - before softening and melding with floral and fruity heart notes and the now-prominent leather in a new accord. The impression is of something sweet and fruity: perhaps a cherry candy wrapped in leather. Odd and intriguing, but also a bit artificial or synthetic to my humble nose.

    The tart note continues to fade over the next few hours, allowing the heart to soften, and the fruit and florals blend more completely with the leather. At this stage Cuir Ottoman began to ring familiar, though I couldn't immediately decide why. Then it hit me: Daim Blond. That's right, the Serge Lutens fragrance plays the same kind of fruit and leather game, though perhaps with a bit more finesse.

    Leather and vanillic notes hold sway over the drydown, though the sweet floral elements never fully lose their grip. The whole performance takes place close to the skin, with only minimal projection. This is a nice scent, and if you like Daim Blond you probably ought to try it. Me? I'm more compelled by other leathers, including Oud Cuir D'Arabie, Tabac Blond, Knize Ten and Cuir Mauresque. Oh, and mochi227 is right – it’s unquestionably unisex.

    12th June, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Wow does this have some kick to it. I would say this is a love or hate fragrance at first sniff. My first impression was I hated it but once it dried down I couldn't help but sniff my wrists every few seconds. In a way its repulsive and intriguing simultaneously. Personally, its too bold for my taste.

    04th June, 2014

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    Ireland Ireland

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    Opens up with a very realistic leather note - not smoked, not tempered with flowers, not liquored up with hay or amber - just a true, beefy, new coat leather smell. It is not too butch or tarry. Just....realistic. There is a rubbery smell to new leather that is accurately represented here. This rubbery note is very similar to Bvlgari's Black. I may be wrong about this, but to me, this rubbery aspect of leather is created by using a black tea accord, such as Lapsong Souchang. I drink this tea myself, and it tastes exactly like the top notes of this scent (and that of Bvlgari Black).

    Having said that, whether you want to smell like a leather coat or new pair of shoes is up to you, really. I felt rather self conscious smelling like this for the 45 minutes that this top note lasted.

    The florals come in soon enough, and work to soften up the leather note. The florals to my nose are indistinct - rose, jasmine, iris? I don't know. It just smells like a dusty, powdery, vaguely flowery mix. If pushed, I would say that it reminded me of cosmetic powder from a makeup compact that had spilled into the lining of a leather purse. It is not the freshest smelling floral smell either; this is a purse and spilled cosmetic powder that has been sitting in Auntie May's closet for a season or two.

    The base is the usual one used by Parfum D'Empire in their fragrances, and I am delighted to see it turn up. Rich, ambery, resiny, incensy, balsamy goodness.

    In short, a well-made perfume, as one expects from this excellent house. Not for me, because if the too realistic, beefy leather up top and the mess of indistinct florals in the middle, but I respect the artfulness and quality of materials.

    07th May, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Another win from Parfum d'Empire. Here the name and the composition say it all, so there is not much need to "explain" this - you can expect an Oriental leather/tea scent (the leather is more on the suede side, super soft and hyperrealistic) with a stunning, uplifting opening of round, tasty, talcum-suede sweet base notes, gentle and velvety floral notes (iris), some of Parfum d'Empire's signature notes (notably an earthy oak moss/hay/anise-like accord) and a dusty, golden, warm amber base, which slowly, perfectly blends with leather fading into an evelasting bitter leather drydown. Now if you know vintage Bel Ami, Cuir Ottoman smells a bit like a contemporary, more "transparent", glossy version of it, referencing quite clearly its structure. Sadly, the main problem of Cuir Ottoman, as much as I would really love to love this, it that it is too light for me shortly after the opening, leaving me with a (really) subtle ambery-safraleine accord lasting for hours. Still the first phases are always breathtaking and worth the wear.


    28th February, 2014 (Last Edited: 09th November, 2014)

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    An easy to wear leather scent that won't give you any grief.

    The leather's very realistic, but also very clean — like a new purchase of a leather coat rather than one that's well-worn. There's a dry musky, vanilla floating around in the background that gives the impression of a better developed Bvlgari Black, but there's also an iris aspect to this one that creeps in with that trademark lipstick-y sensation. Overall, it's very pleasant and well put together — a tad tame for me, but well suited for others who want an easy to wear leather scent that won't rough you up in some dark alley.

    Pros: Well articulated and easy to wear. Quite versatile in its application, and accomplishes a lot without over complicating it.
    Cons: Could benefit from more nuance in the individual notes, perhaps.

    25th June, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    in the opening this smells like Chanel no 18 and later as FK Cologne pour le soire,

    its benzoin dusty/ cashmire like, dry note with mix of light iris note,much more elegant then Francis Kurkdjian creation...and more complex......les rosey in the middle notes....

    smells very woody, is not heavy just light transparent incense note, coming down from the base, balanced sweetness....

    very unisex

    21st March, 2013

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