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The Exact Friction of Stars
by Pilar and Lucy


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About The Exact Friction of Stars

The Exact Friction of Stars is a feminine perfume by Pilar and Lucy.

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This scent actually hit something very personal for me, and I will get to that in a bit.

Out of the vial I smell citrus (like it's been cooked), vanilla and creamy coconut. At first on the skin I smell that baked citrus mixed with a creamy coconut and a bit of spice and almost earthiness...maybe the coffee and chocolate. After the citrus starts to blend in more I mostly smell coconut and a waxiness, like crayons and a bit of pencil lead and shavings.....BUT not in a bad way.

Here is where it gets personal for me. I love to draw (not with crayons, but definitely love pencil sketches) and this scent REALLY calms me. I am reminded of fall and baked creamy, spicy, citrusy goodness mixed with art materials. I know that it is a weird combination, but I really love it. So incredibly soothing.

I will one day purchase this and I will regularly enjoy the calm that it brings me. It's so strange, but so familiar and good.
05th December, 2016
This is for the oil, rather than the perfume, as Id heard that it lasted a lot longer. I got a sample of this a while ago and loved it, so this was my request for my birthday present this year. The projection on this is amazing every time I left my office, Id lock it up and when I came back I could smell it as soon as I opened the door; I loved it because it made the office smell like a chocolate shop! Straight away I got a lot of the blood orange and vanilla, and yes, a lot of coconut and almond, even though theyre not listed in the notes. It took about three hours for the chocolate to show up, but its not a sickly milk chocolate smell its more a soft, smooth, dark chocolate. This mixes nicely with the clove I keep getting lovely wafts of both. If you want to kick it up a notch, you could try layering this with a vanilla scent (such as Reminiscence Vanille) or a chocolate or caramel scent (Serendipitous or Love, Hope, Denim) for even more gourmand yumminess! That said, its not a necessity this is quite delicious enough all on its own. Seven hours in, it was still going strong. 11 hours on, and was still still there softer, but still noticeable, so the longevity of the oil, at least, is brilliant. Very, very happy with this one.
13th October, 2016 (last edited: 19th October, 2016)
Unlike a lot of gourmands, this scent smells exactly like food--Mounds bars (long gone chocolate-covered coconut bars), to be exact, wrapper and all. It also has notes of banana, cocoa butter, citrus and pineapple. All of this is resting on a marshmallowy vanilla base. You could eat something that smells like this, but your blood sugar would never be the same.

50ish bucks for a niche frag is shockingly low, which is why I had to try this. However, it has no structure to speak of, and this scent would work much better as a body oil.
07th February, 2016
This smells exactly like a dark chocolate Bounty bar that's been hanging around a bit too long. Musty, sickly, plasticky, artificial-smelling, just bad.
03rd February, 2011
A sweet coconutty confection of a fragrance. I have the body lotion, and it layers beautifully with spicy and vanilla scents. It's VERY gourmand on the edible side, with notes of vanilla, nuts, and yes, coconut. When I wear it I get the distinct urge to visit my local Mrs. Sees (a candy store here in California). That urge doesn't last long, thank goodness! The one thing about both the lotion and the EdP that I don't like is the lasting power. Not long--maybe an hour or two.
15th June, 2008
I asked my SO to tell me what he thought of it, and had my initial reaction confirmed when he started singing "Do you like pia coladas . . ."
12th October, 2006

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