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Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon
by Pilar and Lucy


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About Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon

Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon is a feminine perfume by Pilar and Lucy.

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For perfumed oil:This is a magical spiced amber and tuberose.It is sharp tuberose when first applied.Then softens to a sweeter amber-ry smell.The only flower i can detect is the tuberose.Pure tuberose that i truly adore!
30th April, 2011
A fragrance that combines two of my very favourite notes, tuberose & amber? This one's for me! l find it spicy, with definite notes of patchouli, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla & a touch of incense. But it's dominated throughout by a delicious, buttery tuberose & a sweet amber, which l love. Yes it is reminiscent of a head shop scent, but that only increases it's appeal to the eternal hippie chick in me. The sillage is powerful, & it could be headache-inducing if oversprayed, but in the right dosage l find it a lovely winter scent for a lover of florals who needs a little spice to keep warm.
03rd February, 2011
I was given a small decant of Tiptoeing Through the Chambers of the Moon, but, perplexed as I was about the meaning of the name and just what this fragrance was intending to evoke--at worst, I figured, some very twee and pretentious artsy-ness--I hesitated for some time before testing it. The truth is that it isn't bad at all--which is not to say it's great.

TTCM is a pleasant if slightly heavy tuberose scent (nothing as grandiose as Robert Piguet's Fracas, mind you) that doesn't turn into rancid butter or rotting vegetation on my skin as so many other tuberose fragrances do. But that being said, there's nothing particularly outstanding about it either. On a young woman, it might be much more attractive and interesting than the average celebrity frag or flanker du jour, though on a more mature one it might call to mind the dreaded grande dame with whom one does not wish to share an elevator ride for fear of asphixiation.

The notes, according to LuckyScent, are "amber, tuberose (and secret ingredients that we are not allowed to divulge)." I have to admit to being leery of this sort of "coyness," if that's what it is. Taking into consideration everything from allergies to personal dislikes of certain notes, surely consumers should be informed about what they're getting. Even so, I don't detect any particularly clear amber note, but one of those "secret ingredients," something distinctly musky, is present in the drydown, which happens quite rapidly with this scent. The tuberose is emphemeral, replaced by something vaguely green. While relatively strong at first, the sillage fades within ten to fifteen minutes. Nice, but that's about it.
31st May, 2010
Well I like it. But it is very definitely tuberose with amber and patchouli underneath and it reminds me just a bit of the headshop oils I wore as a teenager when I had to carefully ration real perfume as I couldn't afford to buy my own and my parents didn't indulge me that often.
19th January, 2010
Aiona Show all reviews
United States
I tried this today from a sample. It was definitely a perfume oil, with no alcohol to sting my nose. Even so, at first whiff, I thought, NO WAY! It was ylang-ylang in coconut oil or gardenia, much like what I get from Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera. But I braved it out, and 3 hours later, the ylang-ylang had faded considerably, and it had changed into a gourmand like scent. Granted, my nose may have been confused by my orange-scented 50 spf sunblock, and maybe some lingering Odeur #53 on my pullover sleeve, but I don't think so. In any case, the drydown was far more acceptable to me (a hater of ylang-ylang), and I would have liked it much more had it lasted longer than 6 hours.
21st July, 2008
Someone out there should love this- beautifully made, complex scent. But too sweet and intense for me- I needed something more 'grown-up' and mysterious.
16th May, 2007

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