Acqua di Sale
    by Profumum

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    Acqua di Sale Fragrance notes

    Myrtle, Cedarwood, Marine Algae

    Acqua di Sale information

    Acqua di Sale is a unisex fragrance by Profumum.

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    100ml EdP

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    Canada Canada

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    Very similar to Hyle but much stronger scent. There's a Marine accord but it's less fake smelling than most and the cedarwood definitely gives off a vibe of wood floating in water. The ingredients are good and the sillage and longevity are better the Hyle. The myrtle and cedarwood mix well together and the algae gives off an oceanic greenness. The price is exorbitant for either Hyle or Acqua di Sale. Those who love licorice will love these scents because the Myrtle (I think) smells like it.

    22nd November, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Aquatic

    Licorice anyone? That, and a bit of cucumber are honestly all I get from Acqua di Sale. A big disappointment.

    10th June, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Acqua di Sale is not immediately likeable, but there is a sense of a complex group of olfactory notes that makes you want to keep sniffing it. I call that type of fragrance cerebral or conceptual.
    On my first testing, I didn't care for it and tossed it in my 'N0' box. I always retest these and the second time around, found the unusual and complex arrangement interesting.
    Cool, cerebral, with celery, marine and green notes on opening, and dry astringency in the background. There is a pronounced synthetic vibe, which I assume to be purposeful, as it co-habits the composition.
    I don't think this is for many people - you have to like the idea of wearing an abstract fragrance, which in spite of the marine notes and associations, I still think this is. Most times I don't. But I have to say I think it has kind of a spare uncompromising personality that is clean and crisp. Does that mean I'm going to buy a bottle? Not for myself. But I see its appeal, and can envision it on one friend I know, an architect.

    07th January, 2014

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    reminds me of fishy sea shore. Not what I like to smell like!

    23rd May, 2013

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    The smell of a brisk coastal walk in a remote area

    My ocean scents are this, erolfa and sel marine. Of the 3 this smells the most like the ocean. Imagine you are walking along a rustic beach on a cloudy cool day, and the sea smashes against the rocks with the air having tiny fragments of sea water in it. Take a deep smell of that and you get the essence of aqua di sale. I like it as its quite unique - where sel marine is salty this is briny, there are no sweeting elements here like lemons or sun burnt woods its just ocean with a capital o. It's not a compliment getter but it is very refreshing in heat, you wear this for yourself. Definitely a day scent. The juice itself is quite oily but the longevity is good although it is quite linear after the first 20 mins. The bottle is solid and you get a decant roll on bottle in the box which is a good idea although with longevity like this you won't need to reapply for a good 8 hours. Worth checking out if you want an ocean scent and are not on a tight budget.

    18th May, 2013

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    France France

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    This high quality fragrance is the best aquatic summer scent I know. It by far gets the best feedback of all my scents. People ask me all the time what I am wearing.

    Its olfactory notes are: myrtle, cedar wood and seaweed. It smells like a a summer day at the beach: sweet and dry, salty and fresh. It is simple and complex at the same time and lasts for about 8 hours, which IMO is outstanding for an aquatic scent which is 100% organic - no sythetics!

    The reason for its longevity is its high percentage of natural essences: 43% (the perfume is quite oily which calls for caution when spraying on while wearing clothes). And it also explains why it does not cost 15 EUR but 180 EUR for100ml. Considering its high percentage of fragrance essences and the resulting longevity and yield, this price is absolutely acceptable and clearly within the price range of high quality perfumes. Those negative Italian reviews below are ridicoulous and appear to only reflect social jealousy.

    The fragrance comes with a mini roll-on and a funnell which allows you to carry the fragrance with you on travels without having to take the whole bottle. Due to the oily texture and the resulting risk for clothes, I basically only use the roll-on.

    12th July, 2012

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