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Thundra is a shared / unisex perfume by Profumum.

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Genre: Woods

I can't say I'm impressed. Thundra opens with one weird combination: leafy green notes, dry woods, and mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms. The idea, I suppose, is to evoke a dim forest floor, but I have trouble smelling anything but the mushroom bin at my local grocery store. I like odd, challenging fragrances as much as (if not more than,) the next guy, but I do not want to smell like this.

Patchouli eventually floats in to prop up the mushrooms. This makes things a little more complex, but when, after thirty minutes, the whole mushroom and compost accord fades out, I'm left with something far more conventional. The remaining notes I can detect are a tart citrus, some non-descript florals, and relatively neutral woods. Once the oddball fungal accord goes there's very little sillage or projection here, and the whole show is over in about three hours. At these prices I want something more.
05th July, 2014
The Thundra's opening, as well as the others mentioned, is compelling, an unquestionably woodsy and aromatic blend of lavender, mushrooms, green leaves, mint and camphoraceous notes. You are ideally teleported on the borders of a russian birchs forest, in a cold weather, the smell is moody, silent, sulphureous, resinous and very aromatic ( herbs, eucalyptus and lavender). An earthy patchouli, flanked by tart citrus, roots †its backbone down in the depth of this silvan ground. May be some dried fruits or flowers are comprised in the blend. The smell is very earthy in its chord of patchouli, herbs and mushrooms. You can inhale the wet earth along this initial woodsy and rugged stage. Unfortunately the spell lasts a while, just the time the gassy note of mushrooms together with the general †cold harshness fade and a more bright (but highly pricey), musky, ambery, mild and woody base takes the scene. Evocative and meditative.
17th January, 2012 (last edited: 15th July, 2014)
Pretty much what several of the reviewers have mentioned:
Fabulous opening...if you happen to like that scent (which I find very exciting & powerful) but it just doesn't last very long at all.

It quickly morphs into something quite nondescript.

And at the price this juice goes for...not very practical for refreshing every half hour to maintain that opening blast.
Too bad because did the opening last long or it was a lot cheaper, this would likely become a staple in my rotation.
09th September, 2009
Leaves, mint, patchouli, white musk
This is a delightful and distinctive scent, somewhat delicate and yet having a lot of character. I find it to be very minty, but that is not a problem. No toothpaste here, rather what I find is a great green-leafy sort of mint. Now this is the way to achieve a fresh cool note, a beautiful natural-smelling path rather than the usual tiresome ozonic and synthetic-smelling elements! The mint reaches into every phase of this scent. The opening is a leafy green mint. The brown earth tones of bark, soil and forest floor have a cool tone. The light patchouli is framed by mint. And the gorgeous musk is balanced by mint. I think this is a well-designed scent. Although it is not a fougere, it evokes the same cheery vibrant mood as my favorite Trumperís Wild Fern. My only reservation is the price! Otherwise, it's a winner in my opinion.
09th February, 2009
I wish this didn't morph into the patchouli base so quickly. If the top notes stayed around a bit longer, I'd easily splash out the $250 odd for this scent. Easily. The mint and mushroom smoky mustiness is really pretty damned cool. I find this easily wearable. But that lasts all of about 20-30 minutes and then its a nice enough, but let's face it, pretty straightforward patch.

However, at these prices, I'm not all that jazzed for a bit of interesting smoke and mirrors that's all front-loaded.
05th January, 2009
This is currently my favorite fragrance. I love it all the way from the opening blast of mushroom-like earthiness, all the way down to its indescribable other-worldly finish. Longevity is typical of the Profumum line --- legendary. I ordinarily turn almost apoplectic from spending $240 on 100ml of fragrance, but this juice is worth every penny for me. I just can't say enough about it.
20th December, 2008

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