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Patchouly is a shared / unisex perfume by Profumum.

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Genre: Woods

A very dark, smoky, ambery patchouli, similar in general character to Mazzolari's excellent Patchouli, though a bit higher pitched and less leathery. As it ages, Profumum's Patchouly grows drier, with a very smooth sandalwood note that takes some of the sweet edge off of the amber. Over time the patchouli and sandalwood blend into a seemless, off-dry accord of mesmerizing beauty.

Profumum Patchouly remains an extremely viscous, decadent scent, one whose depth and animalic undertones speak of indulgence. It's too glamorous to suggest a head shop or a cheap oil lamp. Instead it smells like a dark, velvet-upholstered room in the back of some obscure, yet fabulous Asian nightclub. Rich stuff, and very enjoyable: one of my favorite patchoulis.
23rd June, 2014
Warm myrrh type of smell indeed, poured all over the nice, refined wood. This is quite an particular fragrance, very rich and heavy but also refined. It is a bit too heavy and too warm to be worn in general except for winter. Definitely not your whole year rounder.

Impact it might create is a double edged sword. If you should wear it on a date, a girl/woman you're with might either give you "evil eye" or wouldn't leave you alone for a second, being quite mesmerized by you. Definitely not your family meeting fragrance, or for clubbing, even less for a casual drink with friends. No occasion for this one, except for wearing it in privacy, enjoying it for yourself like a selfish hedonist.
06th June, 2014
Patchouly Profumum Roma is a rich, gorgeous patchouli/amber scent. The patchouli is earthy, incense-y, medicinal, and intense, however it is balanced with full, sensual amber, which develops into ambergris (as mentioned by the previous reviewer). The amber note is sweet and buttery-rich, and is the perfect foil for the not-so-tame patch. Also, a little goes a long way; the juice is so concentrated that one spray is lethal.

My nose is glued to my wrist.

14th December, 2012
I've always liked patchouly ever since the 60's. That earthy smoky incense smell and you could wear it as a scent. Wow. I think my girlfriend wore it a lot then. Just the other night at dinner I noticed the waiter wearing patchouly. A young man barely out of his teens. It reminded me of all those years ago. It was not this patchouly though. This patchouly is the real deal. It starts out rugged raw and earthy but calms down quickly with a very nice sandalwood. The amber and incense add to the yin/yang feel to this scent. At once raw but smooth. Earthy but spiritual. Excellent sillage excellent longevity. A true winner from Profumum.
02nd March, 2012
I just can't do this. If I locked myself away in seclusion to mediate in a forced ritualistic earthy soul search, I'd dig out my sample of this. Otherwise, I'll do myself and the world a favor and keep it in the do-not-use pile.
23rd March, 2010

Excellent patchouli: deep, rich and incensy. I donít get as much amber in the accord as the others have identified, but I think that the amber accounts for the deeply rich fluidity of the fragrance. The patchouli, sandalwood, amber, and incense form a quite dry, dark behemoth of a fragrance. Yet, in its potency, it is an elegant fragrance that doesnít resort to rawness or roughness. Patchouly is just as smooth and rippleless as silk and glass. On my skin this doesnít come off as animalic, but it doesnít need toÖ Itís about as imposing a patchouli scent as Iíve encountered Ė long lasting, too.

16th April, 2009

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