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Ichnusa is a shared / unisex perfume by Profumum.

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Profumum's Ichnusa marks the celebrated house's try at a green fig scent, something I've only experienced in D.S. & Durga's Debaser.

Fig remains a challenging note for me to enjoy, so I try to be especially patient with it, and Ichnusa does a nice job with it, the best that I can tell.

As with most of Profumum's offerings, Ichnusa is fresh and smooth, conjuring a natural-smelling blend of aromas rather than something that is clearly meant to conjure fantasy. I don't detect any specific notes apart from a general fresh greenness accompanying the fig.

Ichnusa, like most of Profumum's even warm weather offerings, performs well, as well, especially with respect to longevity. It's not likely one I'd buy but I'm pleased with it.

7 out of 10
24th January, 2018
One of the acceptable fig scents out there. Not very natural smelling, which is why I decided not to buy it. Philosykos succeeds in evoking a much more natural fig in the opening but its dry down is almost pure soap to my nose. Ichnusa opens with a strange sweet chemical fig but the dry down is more true to the opening than Philosykos. Worth sampling.
11th June, 2015

Quite strongly green with an emphasis on fig – the opening is a sharp, almost annoying, anonymous green that soon morphs into a cleaner, warm/cool fig leaf note. As usual, my skin gobbles up the florals so I get mostly green, making Ichnusa a unisex or even masculine fragrance. The pyramid at parfyym labels it “figtree” wood, but I get fig leaf, I get neither fig wood, nor fig fruit… only pure green that is so sharply green that I suspect there are a few drops of tomato leaf in the mix. There is also a strong fresh-cut grass note that supports the sharp fig green. The green reminds me of the beginnings of Sisley’s Eau de Campagne, but Sisley’s EdC soon changes and mellows to a more calming, richer grassy vegetal green instead of staying the sharp green as Ichnusa does. Ichnusa is also much more reticent… it becomes little more than a skin scent, and that, too, is short lasting.

Because I don’t get any florals from Khnusa, it seems uninterestingly linear and not very complex. It’s might even call it a pleasant scent, but it is not highly interesting and it doesn’t hold very long on my skin and there are several other greens that I prefer.

16th April, 2009
Exceptionally green and aromatic, Ichnusa reminds me of walking through the indoor/greenhouse section of Longwood Gardens (Pennsylvania). Vital and serene, it's an original that is perfectly wearable. Outstanding.
15th August, 2008
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Russian Federation
I'm no horticulturist, so I'm not sure about what plant exactly Ichnusa reminds me of, but it's a very truthful and exceptionally vivid rendition of it. Honeysuckle? Elder? Profvmvm list myrtle & fig tree, but there weren't any where I was born. Anyway, Inchusa transported me 30 years back to those shrubs in the park by the bay where I would hide from the tagger. Kudos for a glimpse of temps perdu, but smelling like a blooming shrub is not exactly my notion of an interesting and wearable men's scent. Too sweet, flowery and feminine.
08th December, 2006
This is the third of four Profumum scents I bought online as 1/32 oz. samples. Ichnusa starts off with some beautiful green aromas - lots of fig and balsam/resinous notes on a base of warm powder and sea air. As this dries, it becomes progressively sweeter, attaining almost a candy floss/vanillin/coconut oil note that dominates the drydown. I love the green part of this scent, but not the overwhelming vanilla at the end. Like the other two Profumum scents I've noted on, the sillage is low and the longevity is moderate.
24th October, 2006

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