Fiore d'Ambra
    by Profumum

    Fiore d'Ambra Fragrance notes

    Amber, Opium

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    A beautifully structured amber with heady dose of opium.

    It's the opium that makes this work as well as it does, merging with the amber effortlessly and conjuring up a slew of visuals.

    The scent opens with a furry plushness akin to L'Ombre Fauve, but the opium soon makes its appearance against a dry amber foundation. Here, the note smells floral and incensey; sweet but not overdone—just dirty enough to generate interest in an otherwise opulent composition. There's a crisp vanilla undercurrent that's held low in the mix, keeping the emphasis on the central notes and allowing the scent to modulate between dry and plush. Beautifully rendered and cozy, this is amber done right.

    It sits low on the skin though, so it's clearly designed for more intimate use, but I could see better versatility in this than some of the other amber-bombs available. It's probably the kind of thing that would work as well in the office as it would on a night out, yet it works especially well as a comfort scent. Nowhere near as intense or powerful as some of the bigger ambers, but in terms of composition, Fiore d'Ambra holds its own.

    Pros: Plush without being screechy.
    Cons: Doesn't project—wears very close to the skin."

    21st August, 2013

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    At first I was not impressed with the powdery, straight up nature of this amber, but sometimes things can happen in a "development." Within about an hour the powderyness subsides and gives way to a little bit of a luxuriously odd soapy smell and a bare whisper of a sweet leather. I'm sure these are just impressions because I'm not seeing anyone else mention it, nor does the official copy on that website where it can be purchased. Perhaps it's because there is actual ambergris in here, or perhaps it's the opium, as I'm unfamiliar with both of these odors. Whatever it is, it's delicious and occasionally borders on edible, but it never quite gets there. I'm am a bit disappointed with the sillage and longevity, but sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles with a fragrance.

    28 October, 2011

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    England England

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    The first 30 minutes on my skin are spicy, camphorous & medicinal, almost musty. The amber sweetness then shows up, but l find it powdery rather than resinous; it doesn't become rich & vanillic until another hour or so later. This is not at all bad, but l personally prefer Ambra Aurea for a more satisfying, raw amber experience. l think Fiore d'Ambra is much more similar to Ambre Sultan than that one. This stays close to the skin, & lasts reasonably well. lt just didn't grab me.

    10th February, 2011

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    I tend to like amber scents and this is no exception. It opens with a potent amber, with spice notes and just a trace of floral. It dries down to a vanillic amber, very full and satisfying. I like it quite a bit. My only question is whether there are equally satisfying options at lower prices.

    25 June, 2010

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    The prestigious, glorious, heavenly diamond of Ambers. This turned out to be the best out of the following:

    Ambra Aurea by Profumum, Ambre Russe by Parfum d'Empire, Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens, L'eau d'Ambre Extreme by L'Artisan Parfumeur, and various other pure Amber oils and paste.

    Fiore d'Ambra is refined without the funk stink of Ambre Sultan, Ambra Aurea that I found. It's an uplifting ethereal rich amber with a vanilla like warmth. And at the top is just a hint of spiciness that is so fine it makes the whole vessel skyrocket. I was haunted for a month by this as a sample, but the price made me seek as many other options as possible. This is the winner - very precious, rare, and expensive.

    The magic of Fiore sits just above unisex to me, into a feminine leaning, but ultimately transcends gender in it's opulent luxury. Sillage is high in my opinion, and longevity is satisfying. I can still smell this on my skin waking up in the morning.

    04 March, 2010

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    Well described by Somerville MM and Asha. Fiore d'Ambra is a beautiful, soft vanillic / amber delicately combined with a gentle spice / incense. Doesn’t have much sillage, but does have good longevity. Translucent and not too sweet. A skin scent.

    14 November, 2009

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