Encre Noire (2006)
    by Lalique

    Encre Noire Fragrance Notes

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    I registered with a Basenotes account just so I could answer all of the recent negative reviews of this scent that I've seen--review that are contrary to my opinion. In the last eight months or so that I've worn this scent--I'm about to switch back to my spring/summer scent of Guerlain's Vetiver--I've never in my life received so many unsolicited compliments on my smell. I quite truthfully have clerks at stores and coworkers at remote offices I rarely see specifically mentioning the alluring and hypnotic quality of the aroma of this cologne they detect on me; often many hours after I apply just a couple sprays. To those of you who have left reviews that, to me, seem bizarrely skewed towards finding this aroma to be odious, I have to recommend the following. Please, do seek the treatment and advice of an otolaryngologist. Without any desire to express disrespect, but out of human concern, your olfactory senses are either damaged or congenitally malformed. Treatment is available and there is hope for you.

    29 March, 2014

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    Norway Norway

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    Holy moly. Ink and plastic. I have a childhood memory of getting the guts of a leaky Bic all over my hands. Add a little musk, freshly cut white wood, a whiff of smoke and we're there. I like it because I want to. Or is it the utterly cool inkwell it comes in? Anyway, I'm keeping it.

    27 March, 2014

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    Croatia Croatia

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    There is a slight connection with Gucci PH I and Chopard Noble Vetiver, however it's a style matter, not a scent per se. Encre Noire has a character of its own and quite a noble scent this is, warm in its coldness and cold in warmness. Vetiver is dominant in it, refined and rich, also quite cold and distant, like an echo of the spirit of time. Linear like Terre d'Hermes but in its own league. Encre Noire won't be liked by the masses because it's too sophisticated and it takes experience and certain love for this hobby so that one may recognize the potential and the story this fragrance tells, albeit the fact that the person doesn't actually like it. Dark, cold, mystical and yet pleasing, accommodating and warm. An excellent creation indeed.

    18 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Encre Noire is a perfect example of why I don't blind buy anymore based off of favorable reviews for a fragrance, although I was very tempted to based of it's low price point. With a recent Fragrancenet order I saw they had sample spray vials of this, so I added one to a recent order.

    First off, the opening is horrible. It literally does smell like ant spray (the pungent ink note). It was scrubber for me but I could still smell it after I washed it off and it didn't smell AS horrible, so I sprayed some on paper and allowed it to mellow a bit. I also retested on my skin again. I can see the appeal of this for others, but it smells extremely synthetic, is very linear after the drydown, and all of descriptions of it being a 'dark', 'smokey', and 'brooding' fragrance are complete and utter hyperbole. It's doesn't smell earthy, or dark. I definitely get a bit of green from it throughout it's life, albeit synthetic green.

    I own Grey Vetiver and love that fragrance. Vetiver is a tricky one for me because it does smell different based on the other notes used with it. EN is a total miss for me. Don't believe the hype, this is one of the cheapest, most synthetic fragrances I've smelled, and I'm shocked to hear people call this niche-like, worth $100, art, etc. It simply falls flat for me and is totally uninspired.

    27 February, 2014

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    Tony T
    United States United States

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    The opening is flawless. A bit of vetiver and bourbon for the first half hour.. Then I get a ton of musk.. The vetiver does not mix with the musk and the bourbon is gone.
    Great opening with a terrible drydown.. I will retest it before the spring hits but I doubt I will change my mind..

    12 February, 2014

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    Spain Spain

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    There is a strange, disgusting vibe in whole fragrance development, like an electric current running through a wire all over the scent. This feeling, extremely synthetic to me, ruins the woody dark green musky smell which is nice. So try it before buy if you don't like super iso e super loaded scents.

    05 February, 2014

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