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Encre Noire (2006)
by Lalique


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerNathalie Lorson
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance
Parent Company at launchPochet Group

About Encre Noire

Encre Noire is a masculine fragrance by Lalique. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Nathalie Lorson

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Reviews of Encre Noire

I know some people think this overdoes it on the Iso-E Super but I think it is well-used here to add an intensifying woodsy feeling to what is basically a rather uncomplicated (but effective) vetiver-musk combination. It starts off all dank and dark, classic earthy vetiver, and then gets frankly urinous, almost in the way that real musk used to. This gradually blends into a dark vetiver-musk dry-down. For me, it's a perfect damp winter day scent and may well be my favourite modern take on vetiver.
17th March, 2018
Perhaps the weakest thing I've ever sprayed. Instantly becomes a very faint skin scent, straight out of the bottle.

That's a shame, as it's marvelously evocative. Whilst the juice itself says vetiver, blonde woods and the faintest hint of ragù (seriously), the shower gel SCREAMS high end nappa leather interior. It actually made me emotional as I remembered my regretfully sold E89.

Verdict: the faintest whiff of quality. Very faint.
05th March, 2018
This fragrance is just as the notes say it is. It starts off with cypress, then dries down to a hyper-realistic and well-done vetiver, and finally white musk and cashmere wood. It definitely smells like wood, especially with the Iso-e-Super chemical added in abundance to it. Sillage is only moderate on my skin while longevity is unfortunately weak on my skin, becoming a skin scent in only 2 hours. It could be that I get anosmic to it eventually maybe due to the Iso-e-Super, meaning it is still projecting but my nose has reached olfactory fatigue from the very large Iso-e-Super molecules (and this fragrance is filled with Iso-e-Super). In any case, I wish I could smell it all the way through. It leans extremely masculine and I actually got unsolicited compliments for this one. It kind of smells like you're in a damp forest at night right after it rained; it's very dark and cool. It kind of smells like something Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher series would wear, or perhaps a werewolf in a forest somewhere. It's very mysterious, dark, and to my nose amazing. If you've seen Breaking Bad and remember the Twins, I imagine they'd wear something like this. I will try the Sport version and see if the anosmia problem doesn't exist for that one.
04th March, 2018
Dracula's castle dungeon, with ashes and smoky vetiver. Medieval.

Not for everyone. But it's a cool take on vetiver.

This can be had for dirt cheap online so maybe worth a go if you're feeling spunky and are currently reading Bram Stoker's novel.

17th February, 2018
This is really a wonderful, dirty, wet, smokey vetiver fragrance with a very nice musk base. I find it perfect for cold and wet fall or winter days and also is a great formal event scent when one is dressed up. I don't really see this one as an everyday, signature scent. I need to be in the rights mood and wear it in the right weather or circumstances.

I am kind of surprised by many reviewers mentioning that this perfume has poor performance. I get excellent longevity, decent projection and very nice sillage. I got my bottle several years ago, so I am not sure if there has been any reformulation which could explain the poor longevity some people are getting. One thing I really like, and would like to have in more fragrances, is that with this one, I get modest projection, which does not really push out too far or brashly. However, if I move around, the sillage wafts out and leaves a scent bubble and trail which is really nice.
30th January, 2018
nice vetiver scent, but the longevity is quite weak, and a little bit too much iso e super for me.
22nd December, 2017

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