Winter 1972 (2005)
    by CB I Hate Perfume

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    Winter 1972 information

    Winter 1972 is a unisex fragrance by CB I Hate Perfume. The scent was launched in 2005

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    United States United States

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    On me, this is a fairly straightforward aquatic (but fresh water not salt) without the zest of citrus or the warmth of woods. It does have a synthetic sweetness, but it's really all about the water. CB must have spent winter of 72 in a temperate location or a bathtub. Again, a "non-scents" idea for a fragrance. This is getting to be a sad one-liner.

    29th March, 2010

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    Finland Finland

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    Water perfume version.

    Very much bitter grass and fresh dirt in the opening – I like that smell very much although I must say winter is not the first thing that comes to mind.

    Although quite strong at first, it soon starts to settle into something much milder. There is definitely something evergreen there, and if I try really hard I can imagine some kind of cool and frosty accord in there which slightly is able to imitate the subtle scent of snow.
    The lasting power is not spectacular, and the final phase of this scent is quite boring yet fairly beautiful story of soft powdery flowers with hint of that green still lurking in the back round.

    Although this doesn’t live up to its name and concept, just simply because its not wintry enough after all, I find its smell quite fascinating and compelling. It just should be a tad stronger with better lasting power. Maybe the oil would be better in this matter, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    03rd February, 2009

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    United States United States

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    I get a very different impression of Winter 1972 compared with the previous 3 reviewers. Dirt, snow, wet leaves, cold air. It smells like a time I recall making snow angels as a child with my brother, and as we moved our arms and legs we dislodged enough snow to uncover the wet brown leaves underneath the snow. What a great memory! Love this scent. Not sure I want to WEAR it, but it sure is fun to sniff!

    16th December, 2008

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    Canada Canada

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    Fragrance elements: snow, woolen mittens, frozen forest.
    Winter 1972. Fresh, entirely synthetic. Not attractive to me at all. Odd, frosty, no ‘warmth’. Like smelling blasts of air from a freezer. I understand this is a wintery scent... but sheesh. At times a whiff of something like coriander – the only interesting thing there but a bit too sweet. It has poor longevity, in this case a blessing. I’m sorry to be so negative, but I find this to be vacuous and irritating. It makes my nose sore.

    05th August, 2008

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    Turkey Turkey

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    Opens with the same earth (maroon compost or soil i call it) note that i have noticed in the "to see a flower". Then comes a fresh note that i cannot name; like fresh air after the rain, and a handful of candies, some stacked wet wood by the door, and some fainted white flowers. This is complicated and fresh. I liked it so much that i have had to show it to someone else. I run to my husband and put a drop on his wrist. To my surprise the wet gardeners soil smell disappeared in one second. And the nice complicated freshness i have tried to (but could not) describe above, flattened into a fresh green in one minute. The remaining note was surprisingly but clearly corn tassels. Yes still cute but my husband is not fascinated by the winter 1972 like me. Skin chemistry really changes it throughout. But i am lucky, it is good for me and i will have one.

    11th July, 2008 (Last Edited: 13th July, 2008)

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This starts with a blast of cold, sinus-scouring 'earthiness' - like a cross between powdered household cleanser and the sneeze-inducing result of opening a package of forgotten, uber-mouldy bread. It certainly gave me an impression of winter, though
    I disliked this top note so much that I almost scrubbed. But I decided to give it a chance.
    Soon enough, the blast faded to a murmur, and a warm middle note came out to play. I have no idea what it is - I don't know too many notes - but it's lovely. Not foody, more floral, but not indolic. I can't place it. It's a comforting, close to the skin scent. It was worth my braving the opening 'blast' to get to it.
    I only have a small sample of this - if I try it a few more times, I may even decide it's bottle-worthy.

    30th April, 2008

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