Balmy Days & Sundays (2006)
    by Ineke

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Green fragrances live or die depending on how close they come to nature; few abstract greens work well (perhaps something with the severe attitude of Crystalle). For me Balmy Days & Sundays, with its fabric conditioner aura, pretty much flops right out of the bottle. The green notes are generic, slightly minty at the start. None of the dewy grass and sun-kissed meadows intended – a hint of sappiness is the closest one gets to reality. The backing is equally mushed up florals of the ‘fresher’ end of the white floral spectrum. I know I am supposed to perceive all of this as cool and relaxing, instead I can’t shake the impression of a chemical concoction (as indeed perfumes are) and a somewhat low-end one at that. The proposed chypric girding of moss would definitely have been an improvement, but it’s undetectable to my nose.

    30th November, 2013

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    United States United States

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    There is something about this fragrance that does not get along with me at all. I've come back to this one multiple times in order to give it a chance, but my sample is dry now, and I imagine it is very soft and pleasant for most folks. It may just be me. If I had to guess from the notes, it is the mimosa that I can't come to terms with. Mimosa and moi do not get along. I find it sharp and chemical smelling, for lack of a better term, in most compositions. And it may very well be the culprit here, even though I do not specifically smell it on it's own.

    What I do smell is a soft green opening. The floral heart is pleasant, and I smell a faint pink, not dark, rose and a lily of the valley blend for the most part, each separate and then blended. Lily and a very soft musk complete the drydown.

    If not for the sharp, chemical slant, my opinion would be different. Or if it was just for a short phase, I could work around it. But this runs throughout most of the fragrance, not relenting until close to the final drydown.

    15 October, 2011

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    United States United States

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    The opening of Ineke BALMY DAYS & SUNDAYS reminds me of the opening of Moschino CHEAP & CHIC. From there, however, the composition turns into a somewhat synthetic-smelling green, green, green perfume. My cat hated this one, so it fell immediately from contention. I guess that I do in fact agree with him that it seems a bit too chemically to qualify as a green that I'd reach for. Green and synthetic are natural enemies, n'est-ce pas?

    In the interest of fair reviewing, I should make clear that I number among those who eschew all Irish Spring green colognes (chez Creed et al.). If you like them, then you might like this one as well.

    30th July, 2011

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    Balmy Days & Sundays is green. It opens as a soft minty / grassy green and quickly loses its beautifully delicate herbalness as it moves to a soft, enfolding pure grassy green. The grass accord is excellent in its rendition of grass: its portrayal is so real. Mind you, this is not the freshly-cut grass accord that is offered by many other fragrances… This is the lying-on- the-lawn- on-the- perfect- summer-day grass. Soft, easeful notes humbly offered up by the grass’s own natural inhalations and expirations instead of the brutalized aromas hacked and bludgeoned from the defenseless grass as a part of control-freak mankind’s perpetual war to subdue and enslave the other denizens of the loving Earth mother. Be that as it may, this wonderful, transparent grass note then melds with the florals of the heart … extremely light florals to my nose because my dry skin gobbles up floral notes, and these are light notes to start out with so there’s not much room for interpretation on my part. I agree with Ayala that I get lily of the valley in the heart notes, but I can’t identify any thing else except that the heart is a charmingly gentle floral / grass accord. Chypre dry down? Well, the greens and florals that preceded, continue on for a couple hours but I don’t get any drydown except for a nearly negligible musk – nowhere near a chypre drydown. Balmy Days & Sundays is a transparent, loving, lovely feminine grassy green fragrance.

    08 May, 2008

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    Canada Canada

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    Balmy Days and Sundays is a particularly charming green fragrance, as it combines the the effervescent sparkle of greens alongside a calm warmth. The minty notes offer this contrast on their own, but also the choice of sweet florals paired with grass (rather than the traditional and often cool and sharp jasmine and rose paired with galbanum and orris that are usually found in green compositions), adds to the experience of a summer garden: refreshingly luscious and sun-warmed, a sensual delight to both eyes, skin and nose... Balmy Days and Sundays opens with the sweet greenery of fresh-cut grass and sweet warmth of mint, moves to a heart that is a heady floral (I smell mostly freesia and lily of the valley, but the perfumer also lists honeysuckle, rose and mimosa). The base is somewhat powdery with musk and moss, and like After My Own Heart (and the rest of Ineke’s line), is subtle and clean, yet in a non-sterile manner. The top notes and the heart notes definitely steal the show here. If you liked Herba Fresca, you are most like to enjoy this one. But also, if you liked some things about Herba Fresca, but found the grass notes there too harsh and the base too chemical, you might find that Balmy Days and Sundays is a more mellow impression of a summer garden (minus the intense citrus notes of Herba Fresca though).

    26 May, 2007

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    Reminds me of waking up early on the first day of summer vacation, dew still on the grass and a hint of coolness where the sun doesn't reach. I love the way the crisp green notes counterbalance the sweeter floral notes -- on the whole, the composition is more leafy than floral, with just a hint of ozone. The musk in the base is not very pronounced, even less so than After My Own Heart, and the chypre accord is very subtle. This is a fresh, bright scent perfect for warm weather.

    29 April, 2007

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