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Baldessarini Ambré (2007)
by Baldessarini


Baldessarini Ambré information

Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

Parent CompanyMäurer & Wirtz
Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Baldessarini Ambré

Baldessarini Ambré is a masculine fragrance by Baldessarini. The scent was launched in 2007

Baldessarini Ambré fragrance notes

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Reviews of Baldessarini Ambré

Of marriages made in focus groups, the combination of metrosexual sweet fruit with grey-flecked daddy-o tobacco must be one. The juicy stuff ticking the yoof box while the leather-tobacco base providing reassurance to any thus imperilled masculinity.
Ambré’s fruity opening is half apple half raspberry but executed in that typical fruit pulp style of so many overly synthetic creations that the main aspect it displays is of unsticky hygiene. The contrasting notes are more interesting – a leathery tobacco, slightly smoky, somewhat spicy, shorthand signifier of ‘solid gent’ in mainstream perfumery, bolstered by a sympathetic amber accord (the notes mention labdanum). Ambré straddles its two worlds quite successfully and is designed to appeal to a wide range of blokes depressing those sprays in perfume shops.
But it’s the mushiness of its execution that lets it down – it smells super synthetic and muddled after just a minute or two, and that suave base suddenly turns beige.
15th January, 2016
Yup, this is another one of those reviews, the kind where the wearer of the scent thinks it's nice but something about it just keeps you from loving it!

It may be the obvious apple note, I mean.........c'mon, apple just does not seem like a sophisticated, sexy or serious note. Does that make any sense?

Seems like it has good longevity and the scent seems to extend outward but does not choke out those close to you.

Amber is strong with leather keeping itself in the background. Nice for cooler weather and night and day.
05th November, 2015

A true gentleman's fragrance.AMBRE BALDESSARINI is a connection of classic style and modern flare,an intriguing median between the two.It smells way better than i would have expected. It is not for the young guy that is out on the prowl,but a mature gentleman that is out for a nice stretch of the unregular. Warm yet fresh,sweet yet virile,modern but with an upscale traditional other words: Sensuous,Masculine,Leathery, Oriental,Chic and Lovely.

The fresh top notes of red apple and mandarin orange are not strong at all.then it fades on a leathery notes and these soothed with earthy notes of vanilla,oak and especially amber that result is a scent that you get a lot of female compliments because it is masculine yet subtle and it is just relly a nice smell for anyone to enjoy because it is not overpowering but always present. This EDT is great after a workout or for those who work in a professional environment.a must have for me if it was something more strong and deep.


Longevity?Above Average on my skin.

15th May, 2015
Purchased from an online discounter for less than $30. Very elegant and masculine fragrance. The opening reminds me of a spiced honey or spiced tea with hints of apple. It has a certain sweetness to it that is very warming and relaxing. Violet, leather and whiskey in the dry down is a nice transition from the opening. I also detect a vanilla that isn't listed, but is underneath the violet.

I would wear this in fall and winter or on a rainy spring day. Appropriate for office as projection isn't big and longevity is average. Great deal for a unique fragrance.
19th March, 2015
Ambre is so easy to wear and it smells nice every time. A fruity apple opening moves into a sweet, mildly spicy heart with tones of vanilla and amber. I never have to think when I put this on--I know the people around me will enjoy it and I won't be choking out the room. Projection is good, but it's not nuclear. It radiates as a soft glow for about half a meter and leaves a decent scent trail. There've been some complaints that it's a little flat at times, and I'm not going to argue with that, but your audience will not perceive it that way as it leaves a very nice impression, and depending on your skin chemistry, it may not be flat at all. This one's a great daily scent for the cooler months, dates, and quiet evenings out. It never gets loud, so it works well in intimate settings, and has a romantic quality due to the vanilla, leather, and subtle floral notes that linger around. Sold at a very reasonable price, I really don't think you can go wrong with this one. A safe blind buy and recommended for anyone over 18.

Thumbs up.

For comparison's sake think "Boss Bottled #6" "Kenneth Cole Mankind," and "Montblanc's Legend."
11th October, 2014
Baldessarini Ambre is one of my top 5 favorite fragrances. I love to wear it on chilly days. I do get the red apple, leather and whisky. The dry down is very nice and it lasts a very long time on me. Very highly recomended.
05th December, 2013

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