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Lemon Eau de Toilette (2006)
by Art of Shaving


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseArt of Shaving
Parent CompanyProcter & Gamble

About Lemon Eau de Toilette

Lemon Eau de Toilette is a masculine fragrance by Art of Shaving. The scent was launched in 2006

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Reviews of Lemon Eau de Toilette

Wow- guess everyone felt the same. This is the poor man's version of Acqua Di Parma Colonia. Not as rich or complex, but good none the less. I got this for less than 20 bucks at the local Art of Shaving store. Would I have paid full retail for this, no way. There is very little longevity for this on my skin, where with Acqua Di Parma Colonia I get a good solid 8 hours. I'd rate this higher if it would last longer.

You make the call- if you can find this one for cheap, get it. Otherwise spend your money on the real deal.
17th October, 2016
The comparison to Acqua Di Parma Colonia is accurate. They have a similar feel, but the lemon in Lemon by AOS is creamier and this isn't as powdery or soapy as ADP. This would fit right into the ADP line as a flanker. Lemon by AOS is also more of a modern take and along with that comes more versatility. Performance is good for this type of fragrance and the dry down has just a touch of the barber shop vibe that's in AOS Sandalwood. Outstanding fragrance.
12th July, 2014
There's nothing complicated here, just a good smelling fragrance that a man, or his 9 year old daughter, might wear with equal joy. It's overpriced, IMHO, but I like how it smells, and the comments that more thoughtful reviewers have made about the great dry-down are true...if you can get beyond the overly-sweet candy-lemon opening, you are in for a good experience. Too bad that top note is so sweet...shame that...
24th December, 2013
I initially went to the AOS store to check out the Sandalwood scent I've read about on here. I thought the sandalwood smelled great and then the salesman suggested I sample Lemon. I was skeptical because I don't normally go for that type of fragrance. I thougt the initial spray was very strong lemon and wasn't for me. I left the store with a spray of each fragrance on each wrist. After about 5 minutes later while walking in the mall I couldn't stop smelling my wrist and I was blown away at how great the Lemon scent was. The dry down is really increadible. My wife and daughters were with me and I had them give me their opinion and it was unanimous for Lemon. I left the mall without purchasing anything that day. Long into the evenining I kept smelling the Lemon on my wrist and had to go back a week later to purchase it. I really love this scent. Very good longevity, much better than sandalwood on me. The projection is questionable on me but I get whifs of it throughout the day and I love it. I get home and sniff the inside of the cap of the bottle because this scent is that good. I would highly reccomend anyone go by AOS and at least give this a whif.
24th January, 2013 (last edited: 25th January, 2013)
This is a very pleasant scent. It has creamy lemon notes with a mossy/light musk dry-down. I find the duration to be pretty good, and the lemon is quite natural smelling. It seems to me to be very similar to Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet, without the pine-rosemary zing. The drydown is almost identical to my nose.
31st July, 2010
Competent, classically structured cologne, made with 100% pure, natural essential oils derived from botanical sources... that develops into a non cloying, floral/citrus aroma with noticeably strong, mossy undertones.
24th July, 2008 (last edited: 05th December, 2009)

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