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Billet Doux (2006)
by Fragonard


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Billet Doux

Billet Doux is a feminine perfume by Fragonard. The scent was launched in 2006

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Reviews of Billet Doux

I would say some hints of incence, sandal and lily give this parfume a unique character. White floral scent perfect in winter worn with a white wool jumper. Or in spring worn with a silk white blouse. The scent varies a lot with time. The rose of the first sniff disappear immediately revealing the beautiful oriental notes of the base. Nice creation.
07th August, 2012
Carnation is a note that often gets blended in with other notes so that it tends to slip under the radar. In the case of Billet Doux, carnation really shines. So much so that I have a new-found love for the flower.

I disagree with those that find this fragrance plain, Billet Doux for me is very memorable. It strikes me as something very different, unique even.

Other than the dominant carnation, subtle spices and sweet citruses make up the composition. On my skin in particular, Billet Doux smells clean, like old-fashioned soap and cedar chests. It is a lot prettier than what I describe of course.

Being mostly soapy powder with hints of citrus, spices and woods now and then, Billet Doux is a fragrance that I believed I could only dream about. Unfortunately my skin, although it does agree with this fragrance, makes the cedar note strong, and in some ways, quite masculine.

The sweetness is not done justice on my skin, however when I've smelt this fragrance on others, Billet Doux is beyond amazing.

Fragonard's fragrances are quite distinctive and original. They also have a classic type feel that is highlighted by their beautiful, 19th century inspired bottles. Such a fragrance as Billet Doux seems fit for a Queen.

The lasting power is wonderfully good, as is the sillage which is neither overpowering or whimsically soft. I am thankful of the sales assistant that so kindly gave me many samples of this beautiful fragrance.

14th November, 2011
Give this one a try. This is a warm spicy fragrance, but don't confine it to winter months for that. Instead, anytime you think it would be nice to smell a bouquet of carnations, wear this lovely fragrance. It has longevity without being overpowering. I really love it.
18th August, 2009
I purchased Billet Doux on a recent trip to southern France, after stopping by the small Fragonard shop near Eze. The advantage to the location is that you can choose a few scents you may like on the way up to the village, wear them for a few hours while walking around, and then buy what you like on the way back down. I generally prefer more masculine scents and orientals, so I was suprised when the proprietor suggested this one because it's described by Fragonard as a floral. I was sure it would not be my choice (she chose an Oriental for the other arm). However, over two hours in the hill-top medieval village, it was a lovely surprise to find the Billet Doux drying down to a warm vanilla scent with a bit of cedar-woodiness and something I couldn't figure out but now assume is orris based on other reviews. I wasn't crazy about this for more than 30 minutes, but as the tangy fruit developed, and finally after more than 90 minutes when it hit the full strength of the basenotes, I was ready to commit.

It is not my favorite perfume that I own, but it fills a gap in my wardrobe which lacked something softer and traditional, pleasing to smell through the day or evening, where you want to smell good but not draw too much attention to yourself. You're more likely to hear "You smell nice" than "What are you wearing?!", and the bottle is a lovely retro-feeling shiny-gold, sqat bottle (see Fragonard's website), and reflects the trend of using opaque bottles to keep out light. Named for a romantic painting of the artist Fragonard, it's fair to say this would be pleasing to most women, and would make a lovely gift. The 50ml Eau de Parfum is just 45 Euros from Fragonard's website.
09th November, 2008

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