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Paestum Rose (2006)
by Eau d'Italie


Paestum Rose information

Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseEau d'Italie
PerfumerBertrand Duchaufour

About Paestum Rose

Paestum Rose is a shared / unisex perfume by Eau d'Italie. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour

Paestum Rose fragrance notes

Reviews of Paestum Rose

Superbly blended rich deep rose oriental.

The dark Turkish rose here is beautifully combined with cedar and myrrh. The effect is that of a cedar box containing a rose incense blend. The peppers and coriander do not dominate, but simply underline the experience. Similar to other dark rose fragrances, such as Perles de Lalique and Coriandre, but lightened and slighly sweetened by the myrrh content.

Paestum actually deepens and darkens as it goes through its dry down. One of the most wearable masculine roses on the market. I don't think this would be a success if it were worn by a woman, as there is nothing hinting at femininity here.

A real find. I am intrigued now to experience the other scents in this niche line.
29th February, 2016
Paestum Rose is basically a green-rose soliflore, not particularly original, neither deep nor inspired in my opinion. The texture does not smell that different to Johnsons's rose water they sell at the supermarket – I smell quite a bit of rubbery and synthetic nuances which I don't really enjoy. Aside from that, there is quite a prominent central note of red pepper which kind of "concentrates" the fruity and denser side of rose, and a whole green-woody accord supporting the flowers. Quite light and also fairly short-lived overall. Fairly pleasant, but a bit shallow and not really worth the price in my opinion.

06th August, 2014
Genre: Woods

It should come as no surprise that Bertrand Duchaufour’s rose composition for Eau d’Italie includes plenty of dry cedar and incense. Indeed, both of these are more conspicuous when Paestum Rose goes on than the rose itself. When the rose does arrive in force it is a beautiful bloom – soft, rounded, and ever so slightly fruity. It rides in on an earthy patchouli and vetiver blend that contributes both warmth and depth to the plush woods and florals.

Over the course of an hour’s wear Paestum Rose settles into a rose and patchouli accord that’s not too far removed from Voleur de Roses and Bond No. 9’s West Side, though drier and woodier than either. As it ages on the skin Paestum Rose’s dry, somewhat powdery cedar overtakes the patchouli to usher in a soft musk and woods drydown that’s occasionally haunted by an echo of the rose. Beautifully done, if not earth shattering in its originality.
23rd June, 2014
finally, a wearable rose

duchaufour just so often gets it right, and this juice is no exception. it's a rose, but is so immaculately blended with incense and (very dry; mediterranean?) woods that it's a mélange rather than a no-go rose soliflore. on me it is remarkably masculine. wore it on a sultry summer evening recently and it literally glowed a slightly sweetish, berry-like incensey low hum. lovely!

12th August, 2013
Paestum Rose is a scent of dark and dried out things, of fruits and flowers (blackcurrant, osmanthus, rose) and woods (myrrh, patchouli, cedar) in their twilight phases. It’s a dusty draught of cinnamon and incense. And if comparing it to potpourri didn’t sound like a backdoor insult – Bertrand Duchaufour probably isn’t even capable of suburban twee – I'd use it here to get at the spicy, desiccated, compact quality of its charm.
04th September, 2012

Finally i received this expected sample and appreciated it. An averagely dry, slightly rosey incense combined with patchouli, cloudy balsams and cedarwood. Soft spices and woodsy resins swirl around imprinting a sort of almost cool widespread  prickliness. The patchouli and the spices darken a bit the juice. The rose is soft but stout, persisting discreetly at distance despite the general delicacy of the juice. The dry down is incensey, slightly earthy, dusty-piquant and piney with a sort of almost dissonant (sweet-neutral, almost acid as Alfarom noticed) undertone produced by the interaction between musk, cedar, mild spices, amber and cumin (?). Some arcane sweet fruits and spices dance in the incensey and slightly "sweaty" air. Subtle and ethereal close to skin fragrance, absolutely complex, dusty and articulated.
28th August, 2012

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